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Angie8853 - February 2

All these myths every pregnant women hears over and over again. Dont change kitty boxes? Dont eat deer meat? Dont eat honey? etc. I'm sure you ladies have more. I want to know all of them that are the true ones. I'm asking because im scared to have a miscarriage it doesnt run in my family or anything its just a really big fear ive been having plus a nightmare ive been having for a while so I really want to make sure I dont eat/drink/or do anything that will hurt my little baby. -Angie ps- I'm due August 25. I'm 10 weeks and 5days.


JenS - February 2

Your risk of miscarriage goes down considerably after 8 weeks. So the fact that you're almost 11 weeks is great! (Your almost 3 months) I wouldn't worry so much and try to enjoy your pregnancy. As far as myths go... I know that you shouldn't change the kitty litter b/c you can get toxoplasmosis.... never heard of not eating dear meat...


JenS - February 2

Also... the risk of toxoplasmosis is low if you have strictly indoor cats.


MammaJL - February 2

I've never heard of not eating deer meat either but i have heard something about not eating sushi and certain kinds of fish, and the litter box thing is true. Maybe you could google things/foods to avoid during pregnancy you might find something there to help u.


KWaits - February 2

I have a pet snake. I don't ever go near him besides feeding him. I heard that being near a snake while pg is not good. Have you heard this one?


Angie8853 - February 3

Well my uncle's brother in law that hunts says its not good to eat deer meat during pregnancy because the deer its wild stuff and has different kind of stuff inside and something thats inside the deer might not be good for the baby. -Ive heared you couldnt eat sushi and certain kinds of fish too but it doesnt matter to me because I hardly ever it that stuff and far as sushi goes never touched the stuff. - I dont know about the snake thing. Never heared. I fear snakes really bad so I dont think I have to worry about being near a snake while pregnant. =]


Cerendipy - February 3

About the honey thing...I asked my Dr. when he told me I could not have artificial sweenters if I could eat honey. He said it was perfectly fine, you just can't give honey to babies under two after they are born.


DANI - February 3

Soft cheeses and to heat up your lunch meat till it's scolding hot to prevent listeria. Hhhmmm lets see what else is there. Can't think of anything else but if I do I will let ya know. Btw, good luck to you.... and to a h&h 9 mo.


sarahd - February 3

KWaits - the snake thing is probably due to the risk of salmonella. We had a pet snake years ago, and I got super sick from it twice. Ended up in the hospital b/c the salmonella got into my blood. I'd suggest letting your husband feed him also, as the salmonella can be transmitted through their skin which falls off and you may come into contact with it while feeding him. The cat litter thing is true, best to avoid it while pregnant. Also, avoid raw fish (i.e., sushi), unpasteurized (soft) cheeses, and anything undercooked.


Angie8853 - February 15

You girls are so smart and makes a girl feel more at easy with her first pregnancy. I keep asking my mom questions and she answers but she says I worry to much. Like now I'm worried if our baby is going to be a permnie (sp?) Angie


krissy2006 - February 15

I just have to put my two cents in here. If it is natural, unprocessed, untouched by the FDA, its is okay to eat / drink/ have during pregnancy. As many women on this forum know I was in Mexico for 6 months and I met more women who eat "deer meat" as well as cow meat, pig meat, goat meat, sheep meat and fish and nothing ever happens to their babies. On the contrary their babies are healthy, good weighted, good length babies. I truly believe that the United States has put such an effort into "moderation this and moderation that" and "don't eat this cuz this will happen", that we end up hurting ourselves more than keeping ourselves healthy. A friend on another thread was worried about caving to her cravings and let me tell you! If you don't cave to your cravings your baby "could" not necessarily "will" but could be born like my 5 yr old cousin. My aunt took such good care of her diet and didn't eat sugar, artificial sweeteners, no alcohol, no red meat, no saturated fats and no polyunsaturated fats and you know what? My cousin was born 11 weeks early, spent the first 8 weeks of her life in an incubator and is now at 5 at a 20th percentile for weight. All because she was malnourished in the womb... So yes there are some truths as to don't eat fish with mercury in it and don't scoop kitty litter boxes etc, but all these myths really just cause stress on our bodies which is NOT good for the baby in there. Not that we shouldn't ask questions I suppose. But I guess as long as you are eating healthy and you know your facts, don't pay attention to myths and who says what cuz this person said that. Ok there's my two cents. Sorry for jumping in. :)


MexiRican - February 15

Right on krissy2006 ! We all were born and are healthy right? What did our mom's generation do right? Everything! They ate normal stuff I'm sure that's why we are here. Back then there weren't so many stories going around like today. But then again things were different right?



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