True Story About Complications

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Megan - April 13

I am scared. My sister was 6 months pregnant almost two years ago and we went and saw ultrasound and saw him kicking and everything looked great. We all left the doctor so excited and so happy. This was her first child at 25. Less than two weeks later we got a call saying she was in labor. Way early. We drove the 3 hour drive to get to there and was told the baby was born and did not survive. It was discovered that she had a blood clot and she had an emergency c-section. It was basically take the baby and try to save it or let my sister lose her life. We got to hold him and tell him bye but it was the most traumatic experience and now I am terrified to get pregnant. Almost two years later she is now almost 7 months pregnant again and things look so great. It is another boy. She has to give herself shots daily to thin her blood and so now we are all pretty comfortable knowing she is farther along this time but the memory of what I saw has forever haunted me and I am so scared to be pregnant. Will this always effect me or am I being reasonable. This has caused some issues with my husband and I. I am now 25 as well and I don't want to get pregnant, be so happy and then have it all taken away. Any advice on how to move on? Thank you.


Alison - April 13

Megan I'm so sorry for you awful experience. And also so pleased to hear your sister is having a healthy pregnancy this time. Maybe it would put your mind at rest if at the point you are going to TTC you get checked to make sure the blood clotting does not affect you as well, though I don't think there is any reason to think it would but it might rea__sure you? Maybe a good talk with your doctor would help? It's so easy to say and please forgive me if I sound flippant I don't mean to- but I'm sure you will have a healthy normal pregnancy. I don't think what happened to your sister is as common as you're probably fearing it is. I wish I knew what else to say but I wish you the very best xxx



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