Trust Your Instinct Not A Test Urine Or Blood My Story

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Monica - May 12

I started testing for pregnancy after I experienced what was implantation bleeding. Shortly after I developed veins all over br___ts and going up thigh and stomach. I had no morning sickness. No weird appet_te changes. I had a blood test taken at a month pregnant. Negative. Countless urines were negative. Never missed a period but they are lighter. He said it was not as uncommon as people think. My stomach isn't even big. Just kinda bloated looking all the time but not hard. I continued to test because I just knew. Well finally my doctor gave in and gave me an ultrasound. Low and behold * Get ready for this* I am 4 months pregnant. Everything is fine. The doctor said that some women just never are able to get a positive blood or urine. Something about liquid intake and the chemicals in our body blocking HCG from showing up. I am having a girl. Even though I knew I was pregnant I am still in shock kind of. The doctor said I am still not showing because my uterus is back further than most womens. Although the chance of me sprouting out in later months is a high possibility. Just thought I would say this. If you truly feel you are pregnant then demand an ultrasound. Trust your instincts. Now I have to rush to get things ready for this baby that will be here in 5 months.


KEEKEE - May 12

Thanks for telling your story. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow with an OB/GYN. I am so nervous. I am going back and forth in my mind about being pregnant or not. I also have had light AF and spotting afterwards. This month(tmi) blood discharge almost a week after my AF suppose to arrive. I have tons of pregnancy signs. I had 3 (-) hpt and one (-) blood test. I was starting to think pregnancy is not possible. Even tho my sister had same thing happen. Thanks


Yolanda - May 12

Im relieved to read your posting...I went to Drs today and his response to all my symptons are "I dont know" he says hes pretty confident with his office urine test, and he really doesnt think im pregnant, says its hormones, did an internal doesnt feel cyst (good thing) he did regular blood work checking for thyroid cbc, nurse came while drawing blood and said use "red tube" just in case???? I dont go back for 2 weeks and he says if I still feel the same he will do a sonogram


hello - May 12

wow what a story - congratulations! thanks for telling it. I have a couple of sensitive questions. i am looking for a pattern among those who tested negative but were pregnant. are you a "normal" weight woman or not, also what is you age, and did your bbs change anything (larger, sore etc), or was it only the veins. what about your belly, have you had regular bowel movments - or more or less or ga__sy or....what about your mood? has it been the same during your "periods" or were you more emotional or.......I hope you don't mind me asking all these questions. I am myself 33 and normal weight, and wondering what is going on with my body. I thank you in advance for your reply and againt congrats!


Yolanda - May 12

Hello...Im normal weight at well, but have experienced all signs of being pregnant....especially my stomach I cant fasten my pants anymore, my emotions are running wild, very irriatable, my b___bs are sore as well.


KEEKEE - May 12

I know people that are very overweight and get postive pregnancy tests. I am maybe 10 pounds overweight( had a baby a year ago). I think weight has nothing to do with it. My sister was 125 pounds and 5'10. Did get a postive until 4 months. Maybe its the chemicals in our bodies. Do you think?


stacey - May 12

Congrats and thanks- your story along with another I read on this site about someone being 15 weeks pregnant and never getting a pos really make me is true that we should trust our instincts. WOW!!!


bump - May 12



superbadchick - May 12

wow. that's incredible. i started testing the day before period and had a faint positive. then i got 5 negatives. then my af was 14 days light, but only 2 days long (my shortest is usually 5). i got to the doctor tomorrow, so your story gives me hope, especially the part about the period being shorter & lighter, because that's exactly what's happening.


To Monica - May 12

Congrats on your pregnancy. You will be holding a baby in 5 months!


anna - May 12

Monica did your doc ever check your uterus with a pelvic exam?


shannon - May 12

I am experiencing something similar. I had light spotting about three weeks ago. I have done two blood tests and three urine tests. I have had some symptoms but not a lot. I went to my doctor yesterday and she even told me that if she had to guess, she would say that I am pregnant. She said she can usually tell by looking at someone whether or not they are pregnant. Anyways, she made me do another urine test and negative. I was very disappointed. I am not sure how much more I can take. We have been ttc for 2 years now. I do have an ultrasound scheduled but not until June 16. I guess I will just have to wait and keep positive thoughts. Do you all think I should be hopeful or not? My b___bs are sore, had some nausea, a lot of creamy white cm, dizziness and headaches. Do you think I am just getting my hopes up? I thought so but after reading your story, I am still hopeful. I am just worried I will be let down again.


bump - May 12



joy - May 12

thank you all so much i have just read all your stories now i know im not crazy im on day 32 and late by 2 days done a test a week ago came up neg and dont know weather 2 retest yet or not what do you think and im never late to get period


Monica - May 13

Questions answered for 'hello". I am 25. I broke out in horrible acne. Cried off and on and thought that no one wanted me around. *Very emotional*. A lot of wetness then dryness then wetness. My right b___st is fuller than my left but a settle difference. Tender b___sts off and on. I had to go to the bathroom more in the beginning but now it is slacking off-bowels.Veins all over chest and b___bs, down arms and on thighs and abdomen. Did I mention the acne...haha. Lost interest in working. Just wanted to stay home. Very very moody. Thank goodness my boss is understanding. Took a lot of mini naps in beginning. Had to pee constantly in the beginning. My favorite caffienated drink just didn't taste the same anymore. But as far as the symptoms go like morning sickness, no throwing up. I kind of lost my appet_te more recently than before. My periods were pinkish and clotty with cramps. I am 5'7" and weigh 109 pounds. Small girl. So weird. Now my b___sts are itching, nipples burn from time to time. Developed bruises out of nowhere from hitting nothing. And yea I got a pelvic before the ultrasound. FINALLY. I guess they felt something and went ahead and scanned me....hehe. Hope this helps. Good Luck and best wishes to all.


Hello - May 13

Thank you Monica for all your info. That is amazing! You are so tiny and you didn't show, and you didn't test positive. A couple more questions if I may! When did your stomach get hard or harder. How does your uterus/cervix feel? Congrats again, I am so excited for you!


Lynn - May 13

To Monica-how many weeks were you when you had the pelvic exam? I have been having shorter/lighter periods since Feb. I have already grown out of 1 bra, and it looks like I'll be growing out of another one pretty soon. I've had to wear maternity jeans since Apr. due to my swollen abdomen. My chest looks like a road map, I'm still tired a lot, and have not ovulated since Feb.. All urine tests have been neg. I went to the obgyn when I would have been around 11 wks. She did a urine test and a pelvic and said I wasn't pregnant and everything looked ok. She didn't seem to think the swollen abdomen indicates something is going on. I rented a fetal dopplar-so far I can hear the placenta, but still having trouble finding a heartbeat. I'm making a appt with a male obgyn-they tend to listen and respond better than females!



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