Trying Again

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Melissa - October 14

Hey...looking for those of us who are starting over this month ttc. I'm hoping for no AF November 9. Thought I'd try to find friends to wait with :)


Lesley - October 14

I will wait, While I'm waiting for AF to happen. I got a negative test result this morning. I wish AF would show so I could start all over again.


Pepsi - October 14

Hi, I'd like to wait with you. I am on CD 8, hoping for no AF on Nov. 6th.


Jess - October 14

I'll wait with u guys since af is not to arrive on the 10th. How long have u guys been bding? I got of bc in Jan. so its been a long 9 months. Hope this is the month for all of us.


Kelly - October 15

I'll wait, AF came after 9 days late, first month off the pill and ttc though... AF will be do again around Nov 13 if regular.... Hope the second month is better....


Melissa - October 17

This will be month 3 of ttc. I just went off the pill in August and I was on it for about 12 years so I'm hoping it didn't do any permenant damage. Here's hoping for this month!!


Pepsi - October 17

Hi all, today is CD 11 for me. I had a patch of wet CM yesterday but my temp went down this morning. Anywho, just sitting around for another three or four days to see if oulation occurs on time. Then its the 2ww! Do any of you laides use OPKs or chart?


Jess - October 17

I started charting this month and using opk's. Lets see if it works. Im on cd 6. My af only lasted 3 days this month which is so rare for me since Im usually 6 days. I started charting my temps and will start with opks on cd10 or 11.


Melissa - October 17

I'm on cd 6 right now so I think I have a few days to wait. I don't use the opk...too costly. I watch cp and cm. I don't really know my cycle yet as I just went off the pill, I don't know if my cycle is regular yet. AF is lasting forever this month (day 6 today) so it's getting in my way. I've mainly just been trying to bd every couple of days hoping to catch my ov somewhere in there...


Niki - October 17

a BIG "HELLO" Ladies... I would like to join the wait. (If that's OK).................... DH & i have been ttc for almost 2 yrs (It will be 2 yrs in DEC 05). I'm 28 now & i feel like "Time is running out" - AF is due around Oct 30th, I'am on a 32-35 day cycle, sometimes a bit hard for me to know when Ovulation is. I just wanted to cap on my birth control history cause like Melissa (In above posts) i am wondering if i have done any damage.....1st contraception "The Pill" (At 16yrs), then after that 1 year on the depo shots (i think the depo is the reason for my problem now), then a year with nothing (no s_x either :op....) , back onto "The pill", up untill 22 months ago when we started ttc.... I am from Australia, (New South Wales), 28, TTC 22 months..... I thought it might be nice to get to know one another while we wait.........Good luck and ****BABY DUST**** to all.


Melissa - October 17

Hi Niki. 2 years eh? I really hope your turn is dust to you. My doctor keeps telling me that the pill does not harm your fertility, but I can't help but worry. I'm 27 and I really would like to have my first by the time I'm 30. It's nice to have people to wait with though!!


Niki - Aust. - October 17

Hi Melissa - Thank you so very much for your kind words & baby dust - it means alot...BABY DUST to you **Sprinkle** **Sprinkle** .......(Falling over your shoulders)... :O) It is turning into the longest wait of my life... I swear i must own a share in the "Preg test" manufactures.....LOL... :o) DH & i spoke our doc recently & we are going to see how we go over the next few months & then the tests begin.. Doc says DH goes first because he is the "Easiest" to test, apparently with me it gets pretty invasive....... Nice thought ... ( Not ).. You sound just like me Melissa, i would love to have a little one before i turn 30, as already said TTC for 2 years, but now i have a little extra pressure.... Without getting all sad and "Droopy", but my dad recently was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he is getting sicker and sicker, and i would love for him to hold his first grand child before he pa__ses. Even if i got pregnant now, i dont know if he would make it, but i dearly hope so..... Anyways ... Where abouts you from Melissa? It is so nice to chat with someone (as well as everyone else - No exclusions here ...LOL) who is experiencing the same thing as me (TTC) and is about the same age as me....


Melissa - October 18

Niki, I am so sorry for the difficult time you are going through right now. I hope nothing but the best for you and your family. I am from Canada. DH and I decided to start trying after 7 months. We are really hopeful. It is nice to have someone to chat with about all this baby stuff...who knew it was so complicated :)


Jess - October 18

Hello ladies. Welcome Melissa and Niki. I am just like both of you I want to have my first before Im 30. I am 26 now turning 27 this Jan. and have been ttc for a 10 months. It has been the longest months ever. I actually got off the pill last year in Feb. but I wasnt really trying until this year. Me and dh cant wait to have a little one but it is harder than I thought. I am sorry Niki for what you are going through and I am praying for u. 2 years is a long time so Baby Dust to all of us for this month.


Melissa - October 19

Is anyone here using any sort of herbal supplement? I'm trying evening primrose oil. I hear it is supposed to improve cm to speak.


Jess - October 19

I am so confused, heellpp. I have been charting my temps and it seems as if I had a low temp yesterday and today. Yesterday night I got that stretchy cm that every calls eggwhite. Does that mean I ovulated yesterday? I have heard that once you get that kind of cm it means you are very fertile and will ovulate soon. Yet again I also heard that when that kind of cm comes out it means you ovulated already. I am confused since I am suppose to ovulate until the 27,28. Could I have ovulated early? I did not take the O strips yesterday but I will today. What do u guys think? I bd on Sat. and Sun. and last night but I was on top and the say it is better when he is on top but he got to excited and well u know. What do u guys think/


Jess - October 19

Where is everyone?



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