Trying For 1st Baby

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MaryRoco - May 23

This is probably really ridiculous of me, but I have been charting and this past weekend was my most fertile time. Luckily, my cycles are pretty regular. My ovulation was supposed to occur yesterday and I did in fact feel my regular ovulation “twinges,” although didn’t notice much in the way of the usual egg white discharge. Of course I would like to know ASAP if I did in fact get pregnant! Has anyone been able to just “know” really soon after trying? What are some tips that might enable the pregnancy to officially occur? Should I avoid certain foods or drinks within the next couple weeks? Continue to exercise like I normally do? I’ve also heard of implantation “spotting.” If that were to happen to me, when would I expect to see it?


Emma2 - May 23

Actually there is nothing anyone can do to enable pregnancy. Every month you try to concieve you have a 25% chance of acheiving pregnancy. You don't have to avoid any types of food or drinks yet until about 4 days prior to your expected period (a__suming pregnancy has been successful). Implantation bleeding is not common at all and there is nothing really to be expected because there are no rules of timing and lenght. Basically the bottom line is there is absolutely nothing you or anyone can do but wait for the next 2 weeks. Good Luck!


MaryRoco - May 24

This morning I had a huge wave of nausea and went to the bathroom, nothing happened. Yesterday I felt queasy on and off all day. Whenever I eat something I feel better. It seems to still be pretty early before I had any symptoms, I'm not due for my period until 6/5. Has anyone had symptoms this early?


LadyD - May 24

MaryRoco, I believe it's a lil early to have symptoms if you just ov'd this past weekend, but I am no expert so I won't say it's impossible, jusy unlikely. Some women are lucky and have the instinct thing, but don't drive yourself crazy thinking every single thing is a symptom b/c you will definetely go



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