Trying For Baby 2

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LA - November 8

Hey everyone i am new here and am trying for my second baby my first is almost 3. My periods are very irregular so i have no idea when im ovulating so getting pregnant this time is proberly going to be a challenge. Is anyone else here experiencing irregular periods? Any suggestions on how to figure out when and if im ovulating? Thanks In advance.


MAC_33 - November 8

Buy a digital basal themometer and ovulation predictor kit (OPK). The OPKs let you know when your LH surges which is usually around 24 hours prior to ovulation and it is your most fertile time. They cost around $15 - $20 and come in packs ranging from 7 sticks to 20 sticks. My periods are irregular and long (around 40 days) so I buy the Answer OPKs since they have 20 test strips. The only problem is that it can be really hard to tell if you've recieved a positive on those or not. So I am also using a basal themometer to give me confirmation that I have ovulated. Your temp will rise AFTER you ovulate and can be noticed if you've been charting your temp every day. My temp runs around 97.3 prior to ovulation and then around 98.0 after ovulation. They are under $10 and will at least let you know that you HAVE ovulated. But remember that once you see the thermal temp shift then you know that its too late to try to conceive.


LA - November 9

thanks MAC_33 i am going to look today for the basel took me 8 years to get pregnant the first time and i dont want to go throught that again,,,,,,go you have kids?


mjvdec01 - November 9

You could also get a digital fertility monitor, it will tell you when and if you ovulate. you can buy them on of rent one at If you get the test sticks just make sure that when you think you may be close that you test more than once a day. Good luck!!!


Missy - November 9

I would recommend in addition to buying a BBT (basal thermometer) you sign up for to chart. They will track your cycles based on the temps and symptoms and track when/if you are ovulating. if you don't conceive in a few months you can take those charts to your Dr to hopefully give him/her a bit of insight on your body. Hope that helps!


MAC_33 - November 9

I'm 33 and have a 9yo a 10yo step son. I conceived my son on the 3rd cycle. Back then I didn't know anything about cm, temps, or even when I might ovulate...oh how ignorance is bliss! Ha! This time I think I know too much! I temp every day, check my cm every time I pee, wonder if every twinge in my pelvis is implantation!


mjvdec01 - November 9

Yeah, your right ignorance is bliss. With my first I had no imformation at all and got pregnant the first month.


LA - November 12

Thanks ladies for all your info....i went and bought the basel themometer and wouldnt you know i came down with a cold and run fever of 102.5 all weekend.....anyway im looking into the fertility monitors....some are expensive so i have been looking on ebay....i will keep you updated...Missy thanks for the info on hopefully it will help me how long have you ladies been trying?


kelly607 - November 12

Hi LA, Have you always been irregular or have you just come off of the pill? Just asking as I came off the pill a year ago and before the pill I used to be every 31 days and now it seems to be anywhere between 35 and 41 days. I have managed to work out when I am ovulating by CM and also around that time i check my temperature as when it rises I know I have O'd. I don't take my temps every day though I only do it when I get the EWCM just to confirm when I have O'd. Hope this helps, oh how irregular are you? :o) x


LA - November 12 cycles go from 20 days to 70 days......i got off the pill in january and the reason i got off it then is because my periods were really irregular while i was on.....but stopping it didnt help that we are trying for a baby its really flustrating....thanks for you anwser



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