Trying For Oct BFP

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Bren1367 - October 4

Hi ladies! I haven't been posting much lately, not much to say, I guess. I am lurking in the shadows though. The ttc cycle has started again. LOL! I am on cd7 and we started the bd'ing last night. Hehehe! I'm shootin for the 8th, 10th, and than 12th-15th. I hope bd'ing every day will work for me. I usually do every other but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe I just have to hit exactly on ov day. The last 2 months I only hit the day or 2 before and the day after. Maybe that's why I'm not falling pg?? Where are you Nina, ashlee, melissa and any others who want to join?


wantbabyboy - October 4

hey girl I am new and from all these smart girls here such as yourself I have been advised that I would also be ovulating from today to the 8th ....I had my cycles on aug 2 and 29 and then sept 23 ...what you think?


Bren1367 - October 4

I think that sounds about right. You are about 5 days ahead of me in your cycle. How long have you been ttc?


wantbabyboy - October 4

ohhhhhhh for a yr now and june 29 this yr I had a miscarriage at 6weeks the baby stopped growing and now heart beat


jayney - October 4

hey bren hope youdon't mind me joining in this thread im hoping for a bfp this month, got all the symptoms, heartburn, gas, really painfull bbs, started with backache today not so much painful just annoying.


Shiva - October 4

Hi Bren, I am trying to concieve since last 07 months. Today I am in 15dpo. My Normal cycle is 25days. My last period's first day was Sept 10th. Tommorow if I will miss my Period still then I will wait to test till Oct 10th Just to be safer side. Just finger crossing that AF should not show her ugly face. Baby Juice to ALL!!


wantbabyboy - October 4

ok ladies I have a question for you smart ladies ....aug 2 and 29 I had my LP then sept 8,13,19 I had BD then sept 23 I had light bleeding ...2/3 days ....sept 27 again BD my question is do you think the light bleeding was period / implantation bleeding ?


wantbabyboy - October 4

when do you think I would have ovulated in sept ? think I cought one of those days ?....the reason I ask is that today I have been eating alot and I am not full at all .....also if that was implantation bleeding then would the opk still test positve I am ....I have just started using them since this monday 4 days now


Bren1367 - October 4

Hi wantbabyboy, I also had a m/c in June. I was 11weeks. I have been ttc for 5 years. How long is your normal cycle? How many pos. opk's have you had? Once you get a pos, you will ov in the next 12-36 hours. Make sure you are bd'ing like crazy. LOL! Jayney, where are you at in your cycle? Shiva, I hope af doesn't show tomorrow. Good Luck to all. ~Baby Dust~


wantbabyboy - October 4

don't know much but LP was on sept 23 and this morning when I used the opk the line is getting darker


GimmeaBub - October 5

Hey Girls, just letting you knwo, I am still hanging around, But i got my BFP! but dont worry, I am here for support and advice still! Baby Juice


keerthy - October 5

HE HEY... me too in the same boat!!!!!!!!! may i join u ladies??? lol!!!! hey my af is due on 8th or 9th .... keeping my fingers crossed!


jayney - October 5

hi bren af is due to show her ugly red face on the 10th, really hoping she doesn't show. me and bf have been ttc for 18mnth now and i really think this is going to be our month


Bren1367 - October 5

Good morning! GimmeaBub, congrats again! It's so exciting to see the BFP's. In the last few weeks there has been 6 bfp's so far with the ladies I've been chatting with. It's so awesome!!! Can't wait to hear some more. Keerthy and Jayney, you guys are do for af around the same time, I hope it doesn't show. How is the wait going? I know I always hate the 2ww. I'm expecting to hear some good news from the both of you. Good Luck!! Baby Dust!!


ceecee_fields - October 5

Gimea, I'm so happy for you!!!!


wantbabyboy - October 5

Good morning ladies ....Gimmea congrats again ....BREN1367 where are you I need your help regarding my previous questions .


GimmeaBub - October 5

Thanks ceecee, and bren. Cee wasnt yoyur af due? have you tested? Come on chick pea, feel me in



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