Trying Not To Get My Hopes Up

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Mallory - February 3

I have been feeling "different". You ladies know what I mean. It is just a feeling. I have been having cramps as though I am going to get my period, but I have not yet recieved it. My nipples are sore, not the entire br___t, just the nipples. This may sound weird, but I was constipated and that has never happened to me and I read that can be a side effect as well. Headaches, irratable at night (I can't sleep) and I wake up earlier than normal all of a sudden. I have kindof felt a little queasy as well. My period is actually "due" on the 5th. I took a test yesterday and it was negative so I don't know if that is just because it is too soon before my period is due. Please let me know what you think. Any feedback would be great. I don't want to get my hopes up, but it is so so hard!!


Michelle - February 3

Hi am the same way, i started about 4dpo it let up for about a day and it back i have only been queezy once and that was last night. I am due for my period onthe 8 of Feb. When did you O. keep in touch and let me know what happens. Lots of Baby dust to you


J - February 3

I hear ya sister I took test 2 days ago neg. I am due for af today. Very tired and having some back pain and very regular soft bowl movements which is unusual for me.


A - February 3

****BABY DUST****BABY DUST****I wish you luck! I know what you are going through.


Lisa - February 3

Mallory: I am exactly in the same space as you are. We can't afford the luxury of a negative thought! Remain positive! It will work out for all of us! All the best... Keep in touch! Best wishes & Good Luck to all!


Mallory - February 3

Hi Michelle, I supposedly O'd on January 16-20 or so. Who knows what is going on? The waiting game is terrible though.


Mandy - February 3

Might be too early. Best time, u might not want to hear this, but to avoid false negatives, i would still wait a week after your AF is due to test.


Mallory - February 4

Thanks ladies... for all the support and the advice. It is so nice to be able to hear from someone going through the same thing!!!


Mallory - February 4

Well what I am a__suming is af arrived this morning without warning. So much for this month.


Jen - February 4

Hi, I am now 2 days late, and wondering whether I could pregnant. I am hesitant to take a test, just in case it is too early. Also, could it be my nerves? Or the anticipation of getting my period, that is delaying it? How long should I wait before I get a test done??


To Jen - February 4

I would wate at least a week to make sure that it isn't just nerves. That way it is more likely to be accurate. Even then, not all women are getting a proper reading. It may take longer than that. If you miss another peroid then you know that you must go see the doctor. Good luck to you.


Jen - February 4

How soon is the pregnancy hormone detected in a pregnancy test? I thought after a missed period, it would be detected? I got off the pill over 3 months ago, and my husband and I have been trying to have a baby. I've been following my ovulation cycle (although I'm not even sure how accurate it is, since I've been on the pill for so long..), but acccording to the ovulation calculator, we followed and tried to conceived. Another symptom I noticed yesterday was that my nipples (not the entire b___st) hurt. They are sensitive to the touch and feel like they burn. Is this another sign? ... Just not sure I could wait another week to take the test! But just don't wanna get a fall positive... :-(


B'Lana - February 4

I am 8 days late... will test the 3rd time tomorrow... no signs of af what so ever... did feel funny couple times like af should start but not like usual... best of luck to all!



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