Trying Over And Over

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Topper87 - May 8

I am about 18 years old and my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected s_x alot this month and the previous month. We are trying to concieve. The first day of my last period was April 23 and I had unprotected s_x from April 29th to May sixth randomally placed through there and I have I am not sure if I have symptoms of being pregnant because its impossible to have them already thats why I am confused. I had my period but is it possible to be pregnant? My lower back hurts so bad, the last few days i have been so tired that I keep sleeping alot, I am have weird cramps, and I keeping peeing, and I am stressed.. I am not sure whats up I know its too early to be having PMS anyone have any advice?? Thanks. It may sound weird I just don;t want to get let down because I have been trying for a few months now.. Please give some good advice


ash2 - May 8

well unfortunantly , i know you dont want to hear this, but i really dont think you are pregnant because you already had your period..... was your period very light or very short ? then it could be something called " implantation bleeding" which is common around the time your period is supposed to start. try this. you ovulate more than likely arounf the 14th day of your cycle. try having s_x 2-3 days before your ovulation begins. the first sign or symptom you will probally have is dark blue veins on your b___st, or the darkening of your areola. but then it will more than likely only start around 4 weeks preg. good luck


aish - May 9

did u get ur Af in MAYmonth or not???


linds99 - May 9

I think you could be pregnant based on the fact you had unprotected s_x on your cycle days 7-14 (possibly being during a fertile period for you.) BUT... All women are so different. How long are your cycles usually? If you ovulate after cycle days 15 and on then maybe you missed ovulation. If you have a standard 28-30 day, you may have had s_x and been exposed to sperm during your fertile period. It sounds like you do have some possibly pregnancy signs. When is your period due?


Topper87 - May 9

No I havent Af, yet in may it should come around May 20th-21... So I just have to wait it out for awhile i guess


tish - May 9

just out of curiosity, how did your boyfriend and yourself come to the conclusion that you wanted to have a baby?


Topper87 - May 9

Well my boyfriend has a really good job that brings in alot of money and he tried college before but it wasn't his thing and his job comes with benefits and ect. and I am giong to cosmotology school and we have been together for a long time so we just felt like we are ready for it. We know how expensive everything is believe me we have thought all the negatives and positives out but with both of our jobs and benefits we just feel ready and we really love eachother. We are engaged .so yeah pretty much we are just in love and want to bring someone into the world that we can take care of thats part of both of us s_x was created for that purpose


soimpatient - May 9

Hmmm...have you thought about finishing cosmotology school before having a baby so you will have more time to dedicate to your family? Also, why not get married first so you don't have to worry about planning a wedding while nursing a baby? 18 is really young....time is definitely on your side.


linds99 - May 9

Topper, sounds like you have already made your mind up...and you BOTH want this baby. So, let's look at it from a medical prospective...1) Did you get your pre-pregnancy check up yet? You are gonna need that before you get pregnant, especially to make sure you have no issues or infections that could compromise the child. 2) Are you sure you are covered under your boyfriend's insurance? Because I know for a fact that insurance only covers spouses...not girlfriends. 3) Are you on prenatal vitamins? soon as you can secure your health matters or if they are secured, I say, (not being in judgement of your desire to have a child at 18) that you would have some obstacles out of the way. Remember, if your desire to bring a child in the world is that great, it is your perogative, just make sure that your decision is not solely based on your needs but are considering the needs your child will have for the next 18 years (or until you turn 36). Good luck.


Topper87 - May 9

Hey girls... Yeah I have not had a pre-pregnancy checkup and for the insurance thing if I ended up being pg. my boyfriend woudl like to be married or at least legally married .. I realize that I will be taking care of thsi child for 18 years, i love kids, I realize the serious consquences involved in my decision because I am so young but I guranteee I will take full responsibility. I know I sound crazy and all but this is something I would really like to happen. And as of right now i think there is a good possiblity i could be and after previous times of trying and I end up not being I get let down So I think that if its meant to be it will happen... i guess you can call me crazy.. i dont know


Lin - May 9

Do you realize that the large majority of people who marry their high school sweetheart end up divorced? The biggest growing years in a person's life are between approximately 17 and 24, and you both may be totally different people in a few years. Ah, the optimism of youth.


tish - May 10

topper, i am not going to try to talk you out of this or anything, but i would just like to tell you the same thing i told my brother in law and his new wife. they are both 19 and have been trying to get pregnant since october when they got married. right now, you want a baby, and i am not saying that once you have a baby you wont want one anymore, but when you and your friends are turning 21 and going to bars and doing all kinds of things that parents really cant do all the time, i'm not saying never, but just not all the time, you will start to grow away from yur friends and miss out on a lot of the fun of being young. having a baby is very rewarding, and i thank god everyday for my daughter, but, just make sure that you wont look back one day and resent the fact that you had a child so young and missed out on a lot of the fun and experiences life has to offer. a lot of girls get pregnant really young on accident and realize later that they should have waited. you still have the choice to enjoy yourself and your time with just you and your fiance before adding a child. make sure that is the right choice for the child as well. you are making a decision for another persons life who has no say in the matter, not just for your own.



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