Trying So Long To Conceive

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Tyra - October 27

I tried two years befor i fell pregnant with my first child and now i've been trying for 4 months for my second. Does anyone have any tips ongetting pregnant, ie like how to relax or something? Please help me


to tyra - October 27

I find trying to relax extremely hard(ttc too) but I do find I'm feeling better when I have read other posts from people feeling EXACTLY the way I feel, Its comforting to know you are not alone and going insane with symptoms, not getting symptoms etc.. I say stick with it girl and share your anxieties with us, does help to pa__s the time waiting, which sometimes seems to take FOREVER!! Just 1 tip tho when ttc which worked for me, when dh and me bd after he came inside I hooked my legs up over his shoulders and he held me there for 10 mins, was quite a comical moment making sure the little blighters swam the right way!! he he , good luck to you and babydust coming your way...


Monica - October 27

Dear Tyra, please don't stress so much. God blessed you have one child right? You will have more for sure. Just think of people like myself being TTC for 5 1/2 years!!! If God will bless me with one child I wouldn't think of anything else. Just be patiente ~~~Hugs and kisses~~~


to monica - October 27

gosh Monica 5 1/2 years ttc. Have you tried IVF or have you been ttc naturally, charting body etc? it must be differcult keeping focussed for so long, hats off to you. YOU will be blessed with a baby, patience is a vertue and very good things(in shapes of bundles) come to those who wait! lots of BABYDUST being sent your way.... xxxx


tyra - October 27

thank you so much for your comments and monica, i just want to cry so much because this is not happening for me- so goodness knows how you're feeling! My best friend has been ttc as long as i have and she told me yesturday that she's pregnant - i'm so overjoyed for her but inthe same breath i'm so gutted....good luck Monica, much love xxx


sm - October 27

Hi Tyra, yes, relax and feel blessed tat we already got one child. I am also ttc for #2 and it has been 9 months to none. Monica, I share your feel as my sis in law ttc for tat 5yrs plus and finally got one under the guidance of doc & also chinese medicine. Girls, let's all relax and have fun still when bd w our hubbies, otherwise, all will b so stress out! I felt like crying each cycle seeing my af and wld indirectly blame my hubby, tat's not a good sign at all. We need to stay in a lovey dovey and relax mode to welcome the 2nd babe!


Monica - October 28

Thanks to all of you. I believe that it will happen for all of us. I got pregnant by stimulating my ovaries twice but unfortunately I m/c. I have to treat myself because I don't ovulate on my own and have extremely irregular period. I have undergone many tests and thanks God I don't have any serious problem only that my hormones are low. Thank to all and I hope for all of us BFPs as soon as possible :o)



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