Trying To Get Pregnant Now

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brisa - December 22

I been trying to get pregnant since October I have had two periods already. I have never use bithcontrol pills only my husband will use condoms. we have s_x almost every day. my last menstrual period was on december 12 it only last 3 day is always like that, but on the 20th when I was taking a shower I noticed a discharged and it was pink. right now I feel like blotted. could it be possible that I might be pregnant,but verly had myperiod on the 12?


brisa - December 22

please somebody answer me.


t - December 22

Some women do have period-like bleeding in the first trimester, or it could be implantation bleeding, though it would be early for that, I think. If you are having any pregnancy symptoms, you should go get a pregnancy test or see your Dr. Good Luck.


Grandpa Viv - December 22

It would be pretty unusual to have implantation on the 8th day of your cycle. Sometimes there is a little blood from ovulation which you would not notice unless paying close attention. Is your husband using condoms all the time, and you are hoping to get pg anyway? You really need to be on the same page if you want to maintain a good relationship.


brisa - December 22

my husband stop using condoms since october he was the only one with protection I have never use any bith control(never) thats why I wonder why havent I gotten pregnant because my body is clean of any bith control pill. the reason that i dont use bith control pills is because I cant tolarate them. we want to have a baby we been married for 5yrs ang I think is time to conseive.


brisa - February 16

well guess what? I'am pregnant. I'am already 9 wks. the weirdest thing is that i was at the hospital the 28 of december because i had a pain on my right side, they did a v____al ultrasound and a blood pregnancy test and it was neg. 2wks after i did a home preg. test and it was positive right after i missed my menstrual period which was supposed to be on the 12 of jan so i did the test on jan 13, and they told me that i was 4 wks pregnant.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ALEXIS - February 16

Congratulations! Just goes to show that every one is different. I wish you the best and a happy healthy pregnancy I have found also that for nausea it help to suck on a lemon or lime with a hint of salt, it helped with my two pregnancies but I hope you don't expierience it. Best wishes!


MandyD-to Brisa - February 16

Brisa - how many weeks pg were you when they did the blood test? I'm too tired to try and calculate based on the dates you gave.


Jodie - February 16

I've finished my 4th lot of Clomid this month. I'am on day 31 and have not had a period. I did a pregnancy test yesturday but it was negative. I have had a lot of abdonminal pain for the last 4 days but no period and for the past week I have had alot of clear/white mucus. What does this mean? Can I still be pregnant?


diane - April 5

i havebeen trying to get pregnant for many months and each month i think im pregnant but then i get my period im only 19and i cant belive i havent been able to get pregnant ive been with my husband since i was 15 and i feel so bad because i want a baby so badly please some body answerme how can i get pregnant and what can i do to increase my chances please somebody help [email protected]


Grandpa Viv - April 5

Diane, if you have been trying to conceive for more than a year with no success, it is time to visit a fertility doctor. The only other suggestion is to go to and start BBT charting. This will confirm you are ovulating and give you some idea of the best day(s) of the month for s_x. Good luck!


tina - April 8

i m trying to get pregnant and my husband doesnt use condoms wht should i do


MAYA - September 26

me and my husband are tryn to have a baby.i just had an abortion in may of 05 we have been having s_x since june 15 how long does it take to get pregnant if i had an abortion.? i was also using the pill from may til june i stoped taking it when i started having s_x with my husband?



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