TTC 1 Easy Or Hard

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Lena - July 20

Did anyone have problems conceiving ftheir first child? Was it easy? I just started trying for my first..I noticed that most people on this forum are ttc for #2 or #3. Anyone trying for number one??


bean - July 20

Lena - I found that most of the ladies I talk to on the board are trying for #1 - myself included


Deb - July 20

I am trying for #1. On my 5th month.


Lena - July 20

Thank you all for your responses! I seemed to have a hard time getting people to post to my questions... Any symptoms, yet? Good luck to everyone.


bean - July 20

When's AF due Lena?


lena - July 20

I still have a week or so. AF due 7/30 or 8/1. I hate this part!!! What about you?


Nikolette - July 20

lena, im ttc for #1 MY af is due on the 28th maybe we can wait together?I am located on the eastern part of the u.s. how bout you?


lena - July 20

Nikolette, yeah I'd love to wait w/ you. I live in California. (One coast to the other, eh?) I've been married 10 years and I FINALLY think I'm 'ready'! Of course, now I'm getting old!


Lisa - July 20

I have been trying to concieve #1 for 5 years now so yes it can be hard when I got married 5 years ago I thought I would get pg with no problem and now 5 years later I have no children so you never know for most people I know they have no problems and got pg without even wanting to so Good Luck To You!!!


Tray - July 20

yes, it is hard - ttc #1 since Sept 2004 and had 2 m'c's since then - not to scare you though, everyone is different - I have 2 college friends who got pregnant the 1st month of, you never know, but I personally think it is so much harder than I ever imagained as a little girl..........good luck to you - I hope you are one of the lucky ones...........


kd - July 20

I was trying for #1. I got a bfp on Monday. It was my 4th month of trying. All of the other months we did BD on the ovulating days. This time we BD'd every other day starting when my period stopped. Also we BD'd more (the day before and the day of OV). Hope that helps.


Heather - July 20

I am trying for #1. I always thought it would so easy to get pregnant, actually I feared it before I was married. Now I am beginning to realize its pretty hard to accomplish!! I figure it will happen when it happens and we'll just keep having fun trying!


maddie - July 20

I as well am ttc number far no luck, this being my 2nd month ttc....hopefully number three is it


Meggy - July 21

Hi Lena and all the others. I have been with my dh for 11 years now. Hwever we're only trying for our #1 now. this is our 5th attempt. I should be due for af after 3rd august. I hope we bring luck to each other. ohh by the way how old are you I think that too at times but I know i'm not.


rach - July 21

im ttc for no1 and im having alot of problems im on my 14th month


rach - July 21

my af is due 27th july did a test this morning first response negative, my cycles are irregular and i ovulate at funny times like close to my period this month i ovulated 3 days after af was here. how weird


mary - July 21

this is ttc #1 and our first attempt. i think i am showing some symptoms for the past few days now like cramping, eating all the time and a discharge. i get AF on the 28th or 29th of july. what were some signs before AF for other women that got pregnant?



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