TTC 9 Months

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Jen73 - January 14

Just curious how many of you ladies have been TTC this or previous pregnancies for 9+ months?


Amym - January 14

I'm on month 7 right now. YOu wrote on my TTC 6 + mos or more. I'm curious who else is at 9 + months. Good luck to you.


Jeanny - January 15

well ladies i been TTC for about 2 yrs now w/ no basically discouraged already...anyways bb dust to u all....


Chas - January 15

Hi Jeanny, Have you and dh been tested? I have been ttc for 13 mos.


Amym - January 15

Jeanny, I am also wonding what tests have been done and what your dr. says. I can only imagined how dicouraged you are. I feel bad for complaining that it has been 7 mos. for me. My biggest worry is that it is going to be 2+ years or never for me. Chas, have you been to your dr. yet? I am always curious what the dr.'s say when things are going as planned. Good luck to you ladies!!


Jen73 - January 15

Jeanny, I really understand your discouragement. I am soooo thankful to have had 1 prior successful pregnancy. It took 3 years and 5 or 6 rounds of Clomid. I conceived spontaneously after 2 years and had a miscarriage. So, it (success) can happen!! I live in Texas. Where are you? here we are (at age 32) ttc AGAIN. I have had 2 unsuccessful rounds of Clomid. I was just hoping this time would be different (QUICK!!!). I am VERY emotional, discouraged, and depressed about the whole thing at the moment. I pray that my heart would not be hardened about it and that I can be happy for others and "content in my own circ_mstances." I am not having much luck with any of those so far. It is such a struggle for me and very few people seem to understand it because they haven't been there. Chas, I posted on your thread before. As for my workup, the first time around I had FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and progesterone levels. That's how my doc arrived at treating me with Clomid. My cycles are long (around 32 days). They were longer when we were ttc the first time (35 days). My husband had a sperm count. It was normal. I think my formal diagnosis was "unexplained infertility." Thanks amym for your post! Yesterday I was just mad at the world. I just don't know if I can deal with it every month anymore. I tried to convince myself that "I don't really care and it isn't important" which I FEEL is the basic response I have received from friends and loved ones at one point or another (only not in those exact words). Sorry for rambling:) Tired and frustrated!!!! Love to all. ((((((((HUGS)))))))))


Amym - January 15

Jen73, my heart goes out to you because I totally understand where you are coming from on feeling emotional, discouraged, and depressed. I also tell myself that I really don't care and it isn't that important, trying to trick myself into believing that. I try to find any possible positive of not being pregnant yet, which there aren't many and I try to hold on to those thoughts. It isn't working so well though. I really do feel bad for complaining when there are others out there that have been TTC much longer than I have. Jeanny, is this #1 that you are TTC? Baby dust to you all.


Jen73 - January 15

Thanks Amym:)


mckenzie - January 15

Hey everyone this is my 10th mnth ttc. Actually I've been of b/c pills for that long. Am starting to get really concern because based on what I've heard after a year your considered infertile.


Jen73 - January 15

Hi Mckenzie! After a year of active trying you should see your doctor for a discussion. Maybe you just need a little help with the process:)


mckenzie - January 15

Thanks Jen. I've too been feeling the exact same way. I have become a female mutt lately towards my dh. He is such a sweet heart but am so hurt that something as natural as ttc is so difficult for women who really wants to have kids. Am certain we would give our child the world. It just puzzle me as to why its so hard. Just remember you aren't alone guys. Am not about to give up just yet. Yes its very discouraging I know. I have five close friends they all are pregnant or just had kids. One of them got pregnant twice in the time I was ttc. I don't know how am going to stay strong but i pray every night that things will fall through. Baby dust to you all.


jeanette - January 15

9 month...TTC #4....38 yrs old.....tick tock tick tock tick


Jeanny - January 15

amym yes this we are TTC our 1st which we've been terribly unsuccesful at and i really havent been brave enough to go to drs and stuff like that and also dealing with the fact that my DH is in the military, well we really dont have time to go thru with all the process correctly since we dont even live in the same city...i live in PR and hes stationed in VA... :'-(


Amym - January 16

Jeanny, being in seperate locations can make things much more difficult and stressful. I would encourage you to see a dr. My BIL and SIL TTC for over a year and she had an HSG done and found out her cervix wasn't open. They opened it (she said that hurt very bad) and that month they got pregnant. It could always be something as simple as that. Hopefully things will happen for you soon. Jeanette, how long did it take for you to conceive your other three children?


mckenzie - January 16

Hi everyone. I went to the dr today to see what the heck is taking so long for dh and i to conceive. He ordered a sa for da and told me not to worry because am still considered fertile. He mentioned having an HSG done after a year to rule out any blockage. Base on what I've read on this site many women got bfp after the had an HSG whether their tubes where block or not. It seems to clean out your tubes with some sort of dye. Making it easier for dh swimmers to do its thing. I told him i don't want to wait that long. He decided I would have that done next month. So we will see if it works or not. Did any or you had an HSG before. Also who's charting here and what CD are you guys. am on cd 16. The only difference he told me was to start bd on cd 10 to cd 17 every other day.


Jen73 - January 17

mckenzie--I was about to have an HSG before I got pg with my first but never had it. I usually chart but am taking a break. It is CD 26 and about 9 dpo for me. Due for af on the 21st. I have heard that a lot of women get pg right after an HSG too. Good luck!!


mckenzie - January 17

Jen i wish i could get pregnant before my hsg that would be a blessing. My insurance doesn't cover anything. Not even a s____n a___lysis for dh. He is getting one done on friday. I saw you mention your dh had one do you have any idea how much the cost is. I will be praying for you that af take a 9 month vacation from you i will pay for the expenses. Good luck. Keep me posted.



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