TTC Robitussin How Much How Often How Long

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MG - April 10

I just bought the famous robitussin, but I don't know the dossage to take if ttc. Could someone fill me in? It's about the only thing I haven't tried, so hopefully it'll have a magic effect. I'm not desperate, just trying anything that doesn't involve IUI or IVF, for now...


Liz - April 10

I swear it worked for me. I tried that as a tip in the third month (robitussin w. guifessin) 2 days before trying. I bd'd every other day the day after my period ended for the next 2 weeks and I got preg. I thought it was a crock of c___p but it worked for me. I was 20 then and am trying again 7 years later now for #2!!! great luck!!!!


Erin - April 10

I would like to know also, and what type of robitussin?


Skyla - April 10

What is this you guys are talking about?


Liz - April 10

It is suppose to help your mucous wich is important to sperm! : )


rose - April 10

i did it but wont know for another week if it the robitussin with guiafenissin as the ONLY ACTIVE INGREDIENT (any others can cause a reverse effect) guiafenissin (sp?) thiins your mucus to make coughs more effective and apparently also thins your cervical mucus at the same time! i took one teaspoon in the morning and one each night for six days before ovulation day and the day of ovulation but you can take as much as the recommended dose on the bottle...the reason it works is because if you hve hostile (thick) cervical mucus the sperm die quickly and cannot reach the egg...this creates the ideal environment to help the sperm live for up to 4 days....good luck!


Skyla - April 10

Thanks for the explanation. I was really confused there :)


MG - April 11

Thanks Liz and Rose! I hope it works!


L - April 11

IN speaking to a friend who tried for years to conceive - sadly with no success, she recommended that I take one LOW DOSE ASPRIN (brand name). It is supposed to have the same effect on cm, is less "hostile" than Robitussin and is making my heart healthier as we speak :o)


Liz - April 11

Well since I am VERY allergic to aspirin that wasn't an option for me. I find it ironic that the Robitussin was the only thing I did different in month 3 and BAM, I got pregerrs. Who knows whether it was just coincidental but it worked for me : ) Much dust. My previous post said I "was 20 then" It was suppose to say "29 THEN!!!!!"



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