TTC African Americans What Happened To The Post

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twotimesthecharm - December 27

Hi everyone. Just want to know how all of your were doing. I tried to find the post but wasn't successful. Are you girls still on the TTC journey. Hope all is well. Paula


tab2947 - December 27

Hi, I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully they will answer. I got a bfp this month at 11dpo. I am very excited. It took us 6mos of ttc.


twotimesthecharm - December 28

Hi Tab, congrats girl on your BFP!!!!!!! So how many weeks are you now? What symptoms are you experience? Hopeful I can get one this cycle. I stop taking my Clomid and hoping that I ovulate on my own. We shall see. Hope the rest find us soon.


Golden_Sunrise84 - December 28

Everything is going well.... I am pregnant now and I am currently 8wks and 2days!!!! Just can't wait til August 6th to have my precious blessing!!! But really 2 more months to find out what I am having!!!!:-) Hope all is well with everyone.


twotimesthecharm - December 29

Congrats to you Golden Sunrise. I hope that I will be joining you and Tab very soon. What symptoms are you having? Has it been a easy pregnancy thus far. Oh by the way your due date is 1 day after my birthday. LOL Good luck to a healthy pregnancy. Paula


twotimesthecharm - December 31



Golden_Sunrise84 - December 31

Oh yes, I forgot that my gums have been hurting as well. An unsual sign, but can happen when you're hormones are rising and your gums get soft, and tend to bleed, around the 5th month.


tab2947 - January 1

thanks two... so far I have been fatigue, b___st tenderness, bloating, and two days ago morning sickness has kicked in really bad. I also have indigestion and increased sense of smell. My appet_te is not big though. Hopefully you will be going us, I have my fingers crossed for ya. Congrats Golden!


twotimesthecharm - January 3

HI girls, well I am now 3DPO and only time will tell. I plan on testing at 10DPO which is another week. So I am taking all of the well wishing into hoping that I get a BFP this cycle.


tiki - January 3

hi paula and ladies. i am glad the post poped back up... well just to update you on my progress... im still not pregnant, but like i said before im just letting nature take its course and still not charting or anything like that being that i tried it for almost a year with nothing. but this last month i noticed about 7-8 days after my af there was some pink spotting(sorry tmi) in panties just for less than a day. also that same day a had an annoying headache. the next day i was fine... so i thought maybe IB? but i won't know until my missed af



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