TTC After Birth Control

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Kay - October 2

Hi, my first month ttc after I have been on the pill for 7 years.. AF is due on the 4th... I have had cramping, sore nipples but that's about it... I always have really sore br___ts before AF comes but nothing this month.. Tested yesterday but got BFN. Anymore strange symptoms from anyone else...?


Lisa - October 2

Hi Kay, I am not TTC but I did forget to take 3 pills last month and it caused some crazy symtoms. I really thought I was pregnancy until I read other people have similar symptoms. Plus I took 2 tests and got 2 BFN. Good luck to you! I have to stay on the pill for another year and a half, so I hope these horrible symptoms from messing up on it go away soon!!! My husband is finishing up his BA and we want to wait till then. If it's any help, my friend was on the pill for years and she went off and decided to just "see what happened." They didn't really try but she got pregnant after 3 months off the pill and is now due any day!


krob - October 2

Hi I was not on the pill as long as you were 2 years after the borth of my daughter. Anyhow I went off the pill in late June and thought I would get pregnant right away. I have thought I have been pregnant every single month and nothing yet. my cycle is whacked out before I was on the pill I ws 26 days like clockwork now I have 2 24 day cycles and one 31 day cycle. I have tested for pregnancy last month on day 28 and no period until day 31 this month I am due on the 14th (which will be 31 days again so I dont test too early) oddly enough I got worked up yesterday and took a pregnancy test and negative. so I will wait and see what happens I read that it sometimes takes ones body 6 month to regulate after the pill and sometimes you drugs to being to ovulate or have your period. But I have also read that the best and easitest month to ttc is the month right after you quit the pill because your hormones overcompensate.


zoe - October 2

Kay, I had and have the same thing happening. I recently stopped taking the pill on may 23, 2005 so that I could ttc too. I also used to get soar b___sts before my period too. Since stopping the pill I have only had two periods and both times my nipples are the only thing that really get soar. This is very odd to me. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You will probably get your period soon and even then I have been told that it can take some time for our bodies to regulate after stopping the pill. If you don't get a period by the 4th, take another test. Hang in their and good luck to you:)


Kay - October 2

Thanks guys, I am taking a test tonight, can't wait any longer, I just don't want to be let down.. My first child, it happened so easily... I'm afraid that we are going to be trying too long. I'll keep you posted.


Kay - October 3

BFN. But I think I will try a different test in a couple of days. I heard other girls using 1st response and coming up negative and then using clearblue and getting a +


Jen - October 3

Kay, I just got off the pill after 5 years and my cycles are still adjusting. They have been 18 day cycles since I stopped mid August. Ahve u had a period since stopping. My symptoms prior to getting AF have changed. My b___bs are more sore and I am extra hungry. Good Luck.


Yvonne - October 3

I quit the pill after 7 years too! Quit March No period April 2 periods in May (got married in May) one period end of June no period in August. period 23rd of September. Now waiting for AF on October 4. I ovulated on Sept. 24 so my luteal phase is only 10 days. Since this tuesday is only 10 days past ovulation, I may wait until Friday to test, so I am not too early dissapointed. Still waiting for AF to be regular. When I was on the pill it was 28 days like clockwork. Breasts hurt after you quit the pill, because the pill can help regulate your period as well as dull cramps and menstrual pain. ANy pain you are feeling after you quit the pill, is your body regulating itself.... Good luck to everyone! Yvonne


Kay - October 3

Hi Jen and Yvonne. I haven't had a period yet, last period sept 6 and I stopped the pill then.. My periods were every 28 days always, if that were the case, my period is due today or tomorrow... No AF yet, this is my first month trying, hope it doesn't take too long to regulate... A friend of mine got pregnant the first month off the pill.... I have already been taking folic acid..... AF feels like she is coming.... you never know...


amy - October 3

I was on the bill for 7 years too, went off it end of May had a 24 day cycle, then 29, then 22, then 25, so my body is still adjusting. My doctor said it can take women up to 6 months to regulate. Just try and relax and breathe. We started ttc in Aug and I was freaking out the first 2 months, this month I'm trying to relax and not worry, they say you'll get pregnant when you're relaxed and not stressed. Try not to think too much into your symptoms, I did, and I was a mess because of it.. Have fun ttc and enjoy the fact that you are trying to make a baby. Baby Dust


Kay - October 3

Thanks Amy.... Good luck to you... It's soooo hard to relax though... AF is due today or tomorrow... it feels like it's coming but some things are different... Maybe it's because of the pill.... If I do start tomorrow, it will be 28 day cycle, like I was on the pill... Let me know of any symptoms you have!


Yvonne - October 4

Amy, I freaked out the first two months too! Testing like crazy, wondering every minute what was happening and reading everything about pregnancy I could find. Now we have been trying about 3 months, so I have relaxed quite a bit this time around. Kay - I did not have a period the month after I quit the pill, and some of my cycles were even 60 days long! When they were always 28 before. You could start charting your temperatures. They are low the beginning of the cycle, and when there is a rise in temp. for 12-16 days you can expect your AF. If temps. stay up 18 days, you are pregnant. It is very effective. My temp is up 9 days now, so I know my AF is coming in the next 3 days.... I'll keep you posted. It is good that you are taking folic acid. Did you quit alchol and/or smoking, and pop or diet pop? These can all be harmful. You should try to eat as healthy as possible, get calcium and vitamin C, lots of salads and veggies... Good luck all ***************


myra - October 4

hey kay, i dont want to sound negative but everyone is different. i was on the depo provera for two years and iv not been taking it for the last two years, me and my partner have been trying to concieve for nine months and still nothing.i had all the signs missed period, cramps, light bleeding which i thought was implantaion bleeding, my b___bs were so sore! but still nothing,frustrated!! but this is only your first month of trying to concieve and.i even felt dizzyand puked up!! just hold in there and take another test in a week? x


Kay - October 4

Thanks guys... I know all of this stuff... it's just so hard... I didn't smoke anyway and I dont' drink... so I didn't really need to change anything in my diet, except diet pepsi... I love it.. I'll keep you guys posted. I am 1 day late, if my periods are on track... it feels like AF is coming... could that happen and not get a period?


elkay - October 4

Hello everyone..May I join this thread? I stopped taking the pill in June, had a regular AF, then skipped a month. had AF in August and haven't had one yet this month. ttc since I stopped the pill. Have any of you tried the ovulation predictor kits? I'm thinking about trying it and had some questions. It's funny to me that I've tried so hard to not get preggers for years, but as soon as we want to, no dice. Good luck to all of you who are trying.


krob - October 4

Hi about the ovulation kits things I haven't try those but I did try the strips. The strips are cheap I get mine off ebay. I start testing about day 9 or 10 test once a day and when there are 2 lines on the strip that means you had a LH (lutenzing hormone) surge and that you will ovulate in the next 12-24 hours. They worked okay but I am not pregnant yet well waiting to see on Oct 14



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