TTC But Jumping Temps Confused

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betsylynn - May 2

this is my first post, so thanks in advance for ny insight anyone can provide! my dh and i are just starting ttc and we managed to bd on my peak day this month (he travels for work). i'm 2 mos off the pill, my first cycle was 28 days with only 10 days lp. this cycle, i'm already at 13 dpo (cd 27), with no af yet! however my last few temps have got me very confused. all of my pre-o temps were below my coverline at 97.8, and most of my post-o were above the coverline. however on saturday, i was 97.7 (11 dpo), so i thought i would see af for sure on sun. sun came, no af, but temp was 98.3! today, mon, my temp was back to 97.7, still no af. i usually have a day or two of spotting before af, but i haven't had any of that either! i usually get cranky and b*tchy with pms, but not this month, but very spacy and sometimes a little liteheaded, with headaches, and the munchies all weekend! has anyone experienced anything like this, and what was the outcome? i know my body could still be changing as a result of coming off the pill, but this is strange. thanks again!


bump - May 2



stacey - May 2

Are you temping at the same time every day? I know that sometimes after you get off of bc your cycle can change. Sorry if not much help- but I'm trying :)


betsylynn - May 2

i am temping at 6am just about everyday, but on the furst day dip, it was 6:40, on spike day 7:20, and on the next dip 6am. i've temped even later than that with no spikes like that...


Jen - May 3

You have to subtract .2 degrees for ever half hour you sleep past your normal temperature taking time. So, it makes sense that you spiked on the 7:20 day, you should take that temp and subtract .5 degrees. It is best just to take it at the same time every day.


betsylynn - May 3

i read it was .1 for every half hour, so by that calculation i was still above my coverline. however, it does not matter, as af decided to pay a visit this morning. now all we have to do is keep trying (like that is such a terrible thing!) thx anyways!



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