TTC Could This Be It

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c2beaudoin - November 29

My husband and I have been TTC since July. Every month I pay extra attention to how I'm feeling so that I can notice any changes from month to month. My AF is suppose to come on 3rd of December and I probably ovulated around the 19th-20th. On Nov. 26th about 7-8 DPO I felt like I was having period cramps and was sorta disapointed, it only lasted for that day and was gone by the following morning. Normally I only get cramps the week AF is coming and never 1 week before. Also my BBS started feeling a little swollen and tender, again this normally doesn't happen a week before AF, and even then during AF it's never really an issue. I didn't have any implantation bleeding but I know not everyone experiences it. My question is, has anyone else had this happen and had a PHPT. I haven't done a HPT yet, I'm too afraid it will say no. My husband and I are hoping this is it :)


c2beaudoin - November 29

I forgot to mention that I haven't been experiencing any other symptoms aside from the somewhat tender BBS and the cramps for that one day.


c2beaudoin - December 1

Updated... Yesterday Nov.30th I had terrible cramps all day, at this point I'm so used to the disapointment of period cramps, thst I'm a__suming that's what they were, but now this morning Dec.1st no cramps. AF is due on Dec. 3rd/4th. Any thoughts?


supmama - December 1

congrats and baby dust!! hoping this is our month, too!


rebbie420 - December 2

Hey c2beaudoin, I've been having multiple symptoms and am currently waiting to get my af this week too! I should be getting it pretty soon, but no sign yet. Keep me updated, let me know what happens and I will do the same. Good Luck!!! =)


c2beaudoin - December 3

Update... It is Dec. 3rd and AF is scheduled to come today or tomorrow, it varies. No cramps yet, normally I get cramps the day I am about to start or the day before. Fingers crossed, baby dust everywhere :) I'm planning on taking a test saturday morning if nothing has happened by friday night. My Af is regular and no af on friday is pretty much a sure thing, yay yay. I will keep you guys posted!


c2beaudoin - December 4

Hi ladies... I caved and took a test this morning Dec.4th, solid positive right away! yay :) wishing the best of luck to you all!



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