Ttc For More Than 8 Months

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LE1977 - March 25

I thought i would start a thread to share our thoughts. I have been ttc for 8 months now - no luck. This week 7 friends have annouced their pregnacies! I spot 2-3 days before AF - do you think this could be a problem. I have a leutel pahse of 12 days. I have 28-3 day cycles. I came off BCP 8 months ago after 15 years.


Lin - March 25

Well, I haven't been ttc for 8 months, just going on 6, but I came off birth control after 15 years as well. Have you been charting all this time, too?


Emma2 - March 25

Spotting is not a problem usually. 12 day luteal phase considred in the normal range. I have read from webmd that no matter how long you have taken birth control it should be out of your system completely after a few days off it. They say that you should O 2-6 weeks after stopping them and the max amount of months is 4 with no O. Do you know if you O? I hope this helps.


SweetP - March 25

I've been in the game for exactly one year, and I used to spot a few days before and after AF. My luteal phase used to be 15 days but recently its been 12. 12 is still withn normal range. Hope this helps!


Amym - March 25

I am currently on month 9 of TTC. My dh and I lied a little to our dr.'s and said we had been TTC for a year. Come to find out my dh has a very low sperm count and we have to go to an RE. I am very glad we didn't wait the full 12 months becasue this gets things started a bit sooner. In regards to the spotting, I too spot 4-5 days before af. I also have a friend that spots 5 days before af and she got a BFP this month. Hope this was helpful!!


Lin - March 25

Hey, Amym, I'm curious, because someone else asked about this - did your friend still spot 5 days before af when she got her bfp?


Amym - March 25

Lin, yes she did. She got a BFP at 10 dpo and started spotting that same day. She spotted for 3-4 days I think but it was a bit lighter than usual.


LE1977 - March 27

Thanks for your posts guys! I have been charting since the beginning but only this month have been doing the temps. Thought it would prove O is occuring and also what my leutel phase actually is, i have only been going on OPKS. Am also having a couple of blood tests one. This will check If i am ovulating and also one for low proestrogen. (which can be sign of spotting). Temp are around 35.8C AND 36C. IS this nornmal? Havent O'D yet. Should be 3oth/31st.



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