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kw - March 28

Well my dh and I aren't ttc but we thought we were maybe pg this month ( but i think af is showing herself, slight bright red bleeding) so anyways dh got warmed up to the idea of children and I'm wanting to go ahead and start ttc. Any tips on how to talk him into it... I think he would be interested but not for sure, we always said we wanted to wait ( I don't know if I can :)) Did anybody have to talk their significant others into ttc?


Baby s - March 28

kw. Yes I had to. It seems that alot of dh are very scared of the whole thing. Money, the perfect situation (which we know there never is), if they can handle it. i wanted to start mid 2002, (we were getting married in december, (also note that I was 33 at the time) it took me to october to have him agree to start ttc. He tought, like most men, that it would happen the first time, yea right! That i wouldn't fit into my wedding dress, and all that good garbage! But in the back of my mind, I had a funny feeling that we were going to have problems. Fast foward to march 2005, we are still trying!!! Another thing is my sister dh (they have been married almost 5 yrs) will not even talk about it. If she brings up the subject, he changes it. I would lay all of the cards on the table, and how you feel, and what you are afraid of. and hopefully he will see your point, also what his fears are. Best wishes to you... baby dust...


kat - March 28

yes i did! well not so much talk him into it,he said he didnt want kids yet but i got to the bottom of it and he wasnt sure we were financilly ready and that was the only reason he'd said not yet,but we talked it through and once he realised we could manage with out my money coming in he then agreed and is happy about the idea of it now,we've been ttc for 4 months now.remind your dh that it might take time ttc and it could still be a while before you actually have a baby.good luck. :o)


kw - March 28

Thank you sooo much! Its nice to hear positive stories... even if it took awhile to convince them! Baby dust to you all..... :)



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