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syd - February 18

Hey all - this board has been wonderfully educational and i now have a little shopping list together for TTC month 5: 1. Soy Isoflavones 2.Potassium Supplements 3.Folic Acid 4.Green Tea 5.Grapefruit Juice 6.Baby Carrots 7. Instead Cups 8. Robitusson (although will have to find the equivelant in Australia 9.OPK's - found a cool site in aus that has em for $1.50 each! Any other suggestions? Thanks again for all your help!


jeanette - February 18

Syd.....try think its even cheaper there


jeanette - February 18

oh yeah.....I used evening primrose oil from my period to my ovulation day along with grapefruit juice, baby carrots and robitussin ( look for an "expectorant" or "guifesanin" for the eqiuvalent) and it gave me great egg white CM during my fertile time.....also, instead of just the folic acid, get a pre-natal vitamin as you can use the extra vitamins during TTC ( something my doc told me ).....hope this works for both of us!!


chandellina - February 19

hi, just wanted to offer some encouragement - i was ttc for four months after a mc in oct. and got pregnant this cycle after using the cough syrup with guifesanin. i wasn't even seeing egg white cm during ovulation and felt very discouraged but something worked and i got bfp. only thing i would say though is look into the soy isoflavones - some forms of soy have been linked to abnormal development of male s_x organs and other problems. (i was a big tofu and soy milk person but totally gave up after reading some stuff about soy.) also i have read that green tea can hinder folic acid absorption which can then lead to spina bifida defects. probably very unlikely but you may want to do a google search. baby dust to you...


jeanette - February 19

I would say talk to your doctor about everything you are taking FIRST, like I did. They can give you accurate information on supplements and if there are dangers in taking them. My doc saw no dangers in the amounts of Soy or green tea that I was going to consume and gave the green light. She said the so-called "soy scare" is unfounded and not proven and at any rate does not concern me because I took it for only 5 days in a low dosage....Internet searches will give you conflicting information and will confuse and scare you. Soy can have bad side effects for those who consume in large amounts every day.......but in this case it is taken for 5 days ONLY, and has no long term effects. God bless!


syd - February 21

Thanks everyone for your help. I have a doctor's apt. after this nasty af is over - yes she came a day early - dont u just love it! I visited the pharmacy and spoke to the lady there she was very nice and recommended pre-natal vitamins called Elevit and also found that we do have robitussin ex here - so i got it - I also purchased the maybe baby saliva test. so i get fun with ferning from this month on! the opk's were just too expensive and the saliva test you can use again and again so - pretty happy with that. i'm also going to try the sperm meets egg plan this time as well, although we sort of were doing that anywyas but gonna stick to it this month. best of luck to every one this month!!!


jeanette - February 21

Very cool Syd! Hope it works out for you this month and you get that bfp! As for me, I'm on 3 dpo and waiting for phantom symptoms to start appearing, even though I had them last cycle and the cycle before ( I am insane )....LOL! It's amazing what our bodies do to mess with us, eh?



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