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LoVeLyMoMmY - July 5

Oh how happy i am..i just finished talking to my husband and he and i actually sat down and i showed him my days this month that i ovulate and i explained everything to is SOOO exciting to have him willing to listen and be as excited as me. ...our first child was Wonderful Surprise but not planned..and now we are planning is really exciting...does anyone have any tips..i am up for anything..Sorry to just bust in on your forum here..i am just too excited!!


sarahd - July 6

Hi Lovelymommy, Yay for you that your dh is so supportive! Mine's being fabulous too - we're trying the 'every other day' method, b/c last month was my first off bcps and I don't know much about my cycle yet. I think he's almost as excited as me, of course all the bd'ing might help with that :) Welcome, and feel free to ask any and all questions you have - there are some very knowledgable women on this forum! Good luck and baby dust!


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 6

thank you sarah for welcoming me here i appreciate it...yes my dh is very supportive and we are excited..we just cant wait to start....thanks again..Good Luck Too you guys too...Baby Dust..


alreadymom1 - July 7

Hey lovely mommy...glad to hear your news..really fun first one also wasn't planned he's now 5 and I love him to bits..drives me nuts a lot but love him loads...I've been off bcp now sine April and nothing yet, doing every 2 nd day, every day when we can..but enjoying it, no pressure really - I ovulate today so hope it works...some woman have taken ages once coming off bcp..hope we not one of dust


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 7

I wasnt on bcp...i was on the patch for awhile though and i started to get chest gne took me off and i havent started any bcps..but i do have to admit i am a little nervous..all this planning and waiting isnt easy..ya know what i mean..hahaha...well good luck alreadymom..let me know your outcome



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