Tubes Tied But Possibly Pregnant

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Keisha - March 19

I am 33 yrs. old and a mother of 4. I got my tubes tied in Dec. 2000 during a c-section. My boyfriend's condom leaked in the begining of January, right after my period ended, but I just overlooked it. I got a period in February , but this month my period is overdue. The only thing I am seeing is the white discharge that I had when I was pregnant with my first child. Not to mention I am feeling what can only be described as "kicks" and "balling up" in my abdomen, and it's not gas. My br___ts are swollen, I'm always going to the bathroom, and I"m more tired than usual. I took 3 HPTs, the first had a faint line and a dark line, the other two were negative. I have 12 more days to wait in this month to see if something shows. Afterward I'm going to see the doctor. I don't think it's an ectopic or tubal pregnancy because I'm experiencing no pain, just movements. I' m guessing from that incident, I am about two or three months pregnant, but why are the tests not showing the signs? If anyone has been in this situation or simular, please respond. I have the biggest notion that I'm pregnant but I would like to know what you think!!


louise - March 19

no one can have tubes tied and guarentee no pregnancy. there are possibilities. i have never been in this situation, however, if you feel inside you that you are pregnant i suggest you get a blood test or an ultrasound, it will at least let you know whats going on in your reproductive system. ave you had stress or anything that could cause loss of periods#??


Shelly - March 19

Oh my. I could not believe it when I read your letter. I have also tied my tubes about 8 yrs ago. My last af was on Feb. 6 and now no show. Took a test but BFN. Took blood test BFN. I too am experiencing fluttering in my lower abdomen. going to the washroom more than usual (maybe just stress) Went to clinic this morning. Dr. wants me to go for another blood test and see my family dr. Maybe infection because I have a lot of white cm and sometimes yellow cm. Could be mind over matter. Keep in touch pleeze I have been wanting to talk to someone in the same situation


bump - March 19



KC - March 19

I am going through the same thing right now. I have taken a few tests and all have faint post_tve results. I am freaking out. I am trying to get my DR to call in a blood test for me but he says to wait and see if the tests get darker. The waiting game stinks. :0)


bump - March 20



shelly - March 22

Keisha, Loise and KC any news as yet. Nothing from me as yet still waiting on AF to arrive maybe I have a cyst. Who knows????


louise - March 22

hey im on af but im suspecting its implantation instead. have to wait a week or so to find out but its very very liught and only really wehn i wipe (bar the little spots on my pad, about 4 of them. hoping the light bleed will go away by the morning and i can then have hope!


Keisha - March 22

Anybody else been through this?????


Keisha - March 22

Shelly, I'm having the v____al discharge as well now. If it is not drk. yellow or green and itchy and foul smelling it's not an infection. I got this with all 4 of my kids. It's normal.


Keisha - March 23

Anybody else been through this? or havaing a simular situation? Also read Tubes Tied But Possibly Pregnant (con't).


Keisha - March 23

This is the first part of the story. Read this then got to The the other article with same t_tle but (con't).


T - March 23

Good Luck!


* - March 23



* - March 24



To Keisha - March 24

Hey Keisha, can u plz describe the " kicks" u are feeling in ur abdomen ? Im feeling them too and like u have already kids so i know it's not gas ( gas happens in the stomach , right ?, i mean where u digest right ?) Do u know what else could cause these feelings , if it's not gas and not pregnancy ,what else could it be ? Im lost !!


Keisha - March 24

I'm feeling them in my abdomen right above the bikini line. The feel like flutters, light punches, and sometimes it b___s up.



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