Tubes Tied But Possibly Pregnant

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ruark - May 12

I am currently going through the same thing as you.I had my tubes tied about 3 years ago. I have taken a pregnancy test and it was neg. but I still haven't got a period and my b___bs hurt, I also have the white discharge which kinda freaked me out at first. But all the signs like morning sickness and all that stuff, make me believe that I'm pregnant. Good luck just wanted to let you know that youre not alone..


erika gibson - May 21

i am in the same situation i had my tubes tied in 2003 and imy period was late last month by 8 days and this month i havent seen it yet im not sure if im pregnant or not i took a home test last month when it was late but it was negative i really think it might be a mind thing for me because i think it was a big mistake to have my tubes tide and i have been with my boyfriend for a long time and he does not have any kids which he says that it is fine he can be daddy to mine but i want to have a baby from him i want him to have his own baby but i dont think that im pregnant i think that there is something else going on to cause me to have either no period or a late one my period this month is about 12 days late now


kimberly - May 24

I have had my tubes tied for 5 years. I have had a period but a odd one. I have sore b___bs, nause and very tierd. i have took a test. I got a N. But still fell werid. i am glad i am not alone.


amy - May 31

i had my tubes tied about 2 years ago, and I think I'm pregant. I called my doctor today. I already have 3 kids, but signs I had when pregant with them, I'm having now.


Angelique - May 31

I have my tubes ties and I still think I might be PG...I have almost every symptom that is mentioned b___sts aren't bigger but is (sorry tmi) like egg whites and has been for a week, very thirsty no matter what I drink..been nausiaous-sp? and have been craving sweets. have very bad cramps on my sides like I just ran a marathon. also I feel like b___terflies in my tummy like an excited feeling kinda with a naseua feeling..had a blood test when I was exactly 7 days PG if i am but was there a chance I still am?


tracy - May 31

my tubes were tied in 2000 my period was late in may i finally started but barley blead sence i have had mood swings,sore and enlarged brests,alot of spit in my mouth,afternoon sickness,my chest has a rash that i only had when preg. with two children,my stomach is so swollen and the very bottom is hard feels like a knot,i could go on i have every symptom of being pregnet i even look pregnet but two blood test and a few hpt all say no one hpt had a faint line then i took another one and it was negative i feel like its impossible for me to be preg. cause of my tubes and neg. results but my mind keeps telling me im preg.i am going crazy,could i be preg.?


Mary - May 31

I too had my tubes tied December 2003. My period is two weeks late, and I have not missed a period for a long time. I am kind of worried that I might be pregnant. The doctor told me once that there can be false negatives, but never false positives.


G - June 1

I still have not gone to the dr yet, my belly is getting a little bigger, i'm very scard. I talked to my best friend who told me her cousin had her tubes tied and still had a baby(he's 2) and she had her period through her whole pg. I want just an ultra sound. I think that would tell everything. But I'm not sure if I can handle the results one way or the other...what should I do???


tracy - June 1

are yall tubes just tied or are they tied clipped and burnt?


Angelique - June 2

mine are clamped


G - June 2

mines are tied


tracy - June 2

do yall think its possible for us to actually be pregnet,i really feel pregnet but i keep thinking its impossible.all my pt are negitive like i said i had one light positive but if it was really positive why are all the other ones negitive i dont even know how my tubes are tied i had them tied 6 weeks after my last child i called my doc. he said he would have to get my chart but if i had them done after i had my son they are probuly tied clipped and burt if thats the case then theres no way rite?i dont know what to think anymore besides the fact that i might be slightly looseing it.


Angelique - June 2

don't feel bad I was on danazal for about a month and a half and without looking at me he said it was the effects of not taking them. I stopped taking them when I started getting symptoms. I am in canada and I was clamped thats the standard unless you ask for otherwise and that was done in 2001


tracy - June 2

clamped,is that the same thing as cliped?i know that might be a stupid question but i want to make you think you are pregnet?have you taken any tests hpt?


tracy - June 2

are they also burnt?


g - June 3

does anybody feel movement in their belly? if so what time of day and for how long? and where do you feel it the most? me, in the morning and mid evening, on my side, sometimes above my belly b___ton. but I'm so confused because of my monthly. it still comes, not heavy like I said no cramping real bad. I guess I will wait it out for another month.... what do you think?



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