Tubes Tied But Possibly Pregnant

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JR - August 8

I am so glad that I found this. I am 33 years old now, I had my tubes tied 11 years in October, they were tied 2 hours after I had my daughter. I to am having symptoms of being pregnant, and it is driving me crazy. I am nauseated alot, sometimes feel rolling feelings in my stomach, indegistion(burping alot, which is not me). I am also tired, b___sts hurt some,but not alot. I don"t really remember what it was like when I was pregnant with my two children. I took one preg test that had a faint line. I am so confused. I would like to have another child. I am so glad that I found this site. Good luck with you all, and God Bless.


D - August 8

JR... if you saw a faint line I would recommend making an appointment to see your doctor asap only because when the tubes are tied there is more of a chance of having an ectopic pregnancy. Good luck and God Bless.


miracle1 - August 13

i have had my tubes tied for almost 10yrs and i have pregnancy symptoms as well i think im going crazy, i have the pregnancy mask around my eyes and a brown line going up my belly and there r other things as well i would be around 9 weeks and hpt tests always say neg, for me as well im confused and afraid to think i could be incase it could b something else, please let me know if u can help


nichey - August 15

Well, what I thought was kicking actually turned out be a colon infection. I had taken several pregnancy tests. They turned up negative. My stomach was hard, b___st felt tender to the touch, naseau, I was in the bathroom constantly. I actually looked about 4 months pregnant. I took a blood test and to no avail it was -. I was really hoping it was + I guess the only way to have another child now would be reversal.


Shannon - August 15



Sarah Evans - August 28

Don't wait go to the doctor!


sharon - August 28

i went through the same feelings as you are. I also had my tubes tied in march of 2000. I took 3 home pt and they all came back positive. I went to to local health dept and they gave me a pt and it also came back positive. I was feeling a pain in my abdomen and went to the emergency room they took a urine pt and it came back negative. they did and serum pt and it come back two weeks pregnant but due to my late periods i should have been 7 weeks pregnant. They did a v____al ultrasound and they could not find anything. They said that i had some kind of infection and my period is still 3 months late. You should just go to the doctor.


April - August 30

Well all i can say is that I am glad that I am not alone. I had my tubes tied in April of 2000 and my periods after my last child has been normal I am always on time almost. My cycles now are every 22nd or 24th day. And part of my wants another child and I know it can be possible and I pray for one more and I may be crazy. But I noticed that around my nipples they are dark and my vains in my chest are more visible and i just feel as if i may be pregnant but something is telling me to go get a test but I am trying to ignore the thoughts. I had my cycle this month and when i was pregnant with all three of my kids i had my periods for the first two months of my pregnancy. I feel as if I am losing my mind and is my mind playing tricks on me? I am glad that i found you all.


shamika - August 31

Hi ladies, I too think I may be pregnate. I had my tubes tied after my 3rd child in 2000. I actually had my tubes tied in Jan of 2001. Lately I've been feeling most symptoms (Nausia, fluttering rolling movements in my lower ab, I sleep all the time etc.) I've been late on my last three periods. My last period came light on the first day. Than it stopped. I had s_x on the 3rd day and it came for about 1hr afterwards. Than it was gone and never came back. I want to go to the doctor but I have no ins. and don't know how to get any. I was married to a man in the Army with my first 3 so I had ins with them and now I feel lost. I've been thinking of all the possibilities such as tubal pregnancy or cyst but I'm not sure. I take pregnancy test and they all read neg. But the pain is so intense sometimes I can't get outta bed. Also when I do have intercourse it feels as though there is some kinda block on my left side that make me make him stop. It's so painful. If there is anyone with any suggestions please give them. Thank you all and best wishes.


tina - September 3

my mother also has her tubes tide but it's been 14yrs since then. and she's experiencing the same as you and has gotten big!!!!!


angela - September 14

i have also been experiencing symptoms that i may be pregnant. i have not had a menstrual cycle for 5 months and my tests are also coming back negative. any suggestions or comments are welcome


lowanda harvey - September 17

I had my tubes tyed not even two years ago, and I am pregnant again. alot of the times when women have tubuals done the man sperm seem to still get through som how . And even though your tubes are tyed your body can start to reconstruct another tube for the baby to go through. alot of the times the test don't respond is probably the baby either aborted and it's still in your system, or your body thought you were pregnant but you really wasn't . I took a hcg test on 9/ 16/05 and they said that i was pregnant but they didn't know how far along i was and it was too early so now i have to go back on monday to see if my baby is ok or not. let me tell you one thing. God planted this baby inside for a reason to show that you can not stop his creating and i have my faith in god and as long as you have thaT IN YOUR MIND YOU AND YOUR BABY WILL BE FIND. and it's never 100 percent guarateed.


*** - September 17

My boyfriend's mother had her tubes tied and then proceeded to have not one, but two pregnancies!


Rhonda - September 19

i've been having alot of fluttering in my abdomen. and i can of hope that i'm pregnant again. i already have 3 boys but for some reason i want more.. if i am thats god telling me that he was not finished with my body as far as me having children ... but ladies just remember he always said he would not put more on you than you can handle....


Sue - September 21

Thank God! I thought I was the only one going through this. My tubes have been tied since I had my last child 3 years ago. My last period I had was really light and didn't last the full 5-6 days it usually stays on, and I get very heavy periods. I' ve been having all the symptoms like I had with my other children. I threw up once and eveer since then I' ve been having the naseau, going to the bathroom more, and felling fluttering in my lower abdomen. I have gained 5 pounds in the past two weeks when I exercise 6 days a week, and I started having the white discharge like I did with my other children this week. I already have 4 children and I do want more one day when I get married. Im currently enganged and I think my fiance thinks something is wrong with me. Im suppose to go to the doctors next week.


daisymaeperez34 - August 16

I am reading your story and I am in shock, I feel like if you are living my life. I am 34 years old and a mother of 4. i have had my tubes tied for almost 9 years, I think I am pregnant. My doctor tells me i am not because my urine test came back negative, but my belly is getting bigger and my b___st hurt aswell. She sent me to do a blood test and she told me that we would talk about the results in a couple of weeks. I dont want to wait that long. She told me that i have the signs of a hormone inbalance, she says that is why i am so bloated. i dont look bloated, i look and feel pregnant. i also have been sick and very dizzy. I have hypogycimia and my sugar which is never high nor normal is high and normal, plus i have gained 5 pounds .can someone please tell me if they are going through the same thing, and if so what should i expect. i am so scared that this might be something bad. i know that tubes can come undone, but my doctor says that when you tie them that, that is forever. please someone let me know what you think.



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