Tubes Tied But Possibly Pregnant Con T

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Keisha - March 22

Still no AF since I wrote my last letter. still feeling movements and balling up. I have 9 more days to wait in this month and I'm going to the doctor. A bunch of weird things have also been popping up since this started. One of my girlfriends had a "fish" dream a few weeks prior, my boyfriend just lost his grandfather and aunt (my mom says when someone dies another life is begining), my mother notices changes in my hair & face, and to top it off, my 5 yr old son came up to me out of the blue and mentioned a baby brother (right now he is the "baby boy" with a sister behind him and two before him). Tell me how spooky is this situation???


KJ - March 22

Sounds scary!


Keisha - March 23

If you read Tubes Tied But Possibly Pregnant along with this and are going through the same thing or been through it, email me at [email protected]


Keisha - March 23

This is the second half of the story please read the first part before this.


T - March 23

Sounds Like It To Me


* - March 23



Becky - March 23

People keep asking me if I've cut my hair (about 5 or 6 ppl) and I haven't done anything! I'm not even styling it differently. Plus a friend of mine is preggo and guy friend of mine was commenting on the *uhem* changes that guys notice... then he looks at me and says, "you should get pregnant". LOL (and in case any of you girls out there would have taken offense...I didn't).


* - March 24



Jennifer - June 24

hey I am feeling like I might be pg too. I had my tubes tied after my 3rd child in 2003. But I don't know what to do cause I feel ppl will think I am crazy I still have my prd it keeps getting later and later it doesn't start when its supposed to. I have read all the answers to these two sites and am so glad am not the only one. atleast we can support each other in this.


Patricia - June 30

Scary huh!! I tied my tubed after my third child and last minth my period was late but this month I haven't started at all! What do you all think?


michelle - July 8

i have my tubes ited but i have all the signs of being pregnant. My 5 year old daughter came up to me and said mummy you are going to get a baby soon.


Lacey - July 8

My mom had her tubes tied after she had my brother. Eight months later she got pregnant with my other brother. Her Dr. said it's not that uncommen.


Bev - July 10

Would like to ad I've had my tubes tied 4yrs ago, got pregnant, then misscarried....possibly preg again this month. If any of you are...fill us in.



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