Tugging Soreness In Lower Abdomen Please Read

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Ruby - August 23

hi ladies! i had my 1st appt with RE last friday and was so excited to see a follicle on the u/s. i have pcos and was not ovulating on my own (1st cycle of clomid failed last month). dh and i bd that day, and the 2 days after. yesterday i experienced a tugging feeling in my lower abdomen, as if i had done tons of stomach crunches. today, i still feel "sore" in that part of my tummy. anyone else experience this? any stories will help me right now!! thank you!! : )


b - August 23



mellissa - August 23

ruby...with my last two pregnancies i also had the sore feeling in my stomach. it just felt so bruised and i had to wear loose pants the keep pressure off of it. that was usually right before i found out i was pg...and i found out at 4 weeks with both...hope this helps...


ruby - August 23

thanks mellisa. i'm so hoping for a BFP this month!! do you happen to remember how soon after ovulation you experienced the sore feeling? i think i'm crazy for feeling this so soon after (hopefully) conception. i did go to the gym on sat. but this feels like i did tons of ab exercises, which i did not.


b - August 23



mellissa - August 23

well, i noticed that i was bloated about 8 days after conception...and the tenderness started soon after that. keep in mind when i say i found out at 4 weeks...that was 2 weeks after conception..so it didn't take long at all for the soreness to start. when are you supposed to get af? i took tests on the day i was supposed to start and they were positive then. i am hoping for a bfp this month too..well, i am just now at the ovulation part of my cycle...but you know what i mean. good luck to you and i'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have...if i can!


r - August 24

i think im 8 weeks and have the same tugging feeling, need to get a + from docs all tests neg so far not tested in 2 weeks.


ruby - August 24

thanks a lot for your help, mellisa! i'm not really sure when to expect af. i'm very irregular. so far i'm on day 23 of this cycle. yesterday i went in for bloodwork to check my progesterone levels. today, it seems like the sore abdomen feeling subsided, but last nite when i was getting ready to shower, i noticed my nipples were very sore to the touch, it continued this morning. i don't wanna read too much into this, but i swear i'm not imagining these feelings. this would be my 1st (after m/c last dec) and my dh and i are very anxious!! how long have you been ttc? are you using OPK's?


mellissa - August 24

ruby..my belly didn't stay sore for too long...seemed like after i found out i was pregnant all my symptoms started fading away..by about 8 weeks in my first pregnancy the only thing that i noticed was how tired i was. and my face broke out alot... well, techinically i have been ttc since feb...in march we got pregnant but had a m/c at the end of april. we ttc for the first few months after that with no luck.in july we put it on hold because we moved from texas to colorado...and now that we're settled we're actively trying again. but i only have this month and maybe next because chad (dh) is going back to iraq in october....so hopefully this month is it! i started using an opk this month...haven't gotten a + yet...but if i am on the same cycle i was last month, today would be my day...so keeping my fingers crossed!! good luck to you and let me know when you take a hpt!!


ruby - August 24

i'll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for both of us, melissa. i'm sorry to hear about your m/c...i never realized how common they were until i actually went through it. i'm also sorry to hear about your dh having to leave. will he be gone long? for what it's worth, i've found this website to be full of very comforting ladies. i, myself, have become a bit obsessed with checking this website, so if you ever need some support (especially while your dh is gone), you'll know where to find me! : )


mellissa - August 24

thank you ruby, i appreciate the support. i have known a lot of people who had m/c (my sis had 4 in a row) but never really thought it would happen to me. i'm just praying to be pregnant before december comes because that's when they would have been born (twins). it would be nice to have something to look forward to so i don't get too depressed, you know? this forum has helped me tremendously!! chad (dh) should be gone for about six months, which is nothing because he was gone for 13 months last time...he's only been home for 5 months now. i got a definite + on the opk today so hopefully this month it works!! thanks again for your support and if you have any questions...let me know. hopefully we both get bfp's soon!!!


ruby - August 25

good luck to you, mellissa!!! that's great news about the +OPK!!! i'm sure you and chad will be VERY BUSY for a few days!! ; ) i'm thinking i will wait 'til next weekend to take a HPT since it's been about a week since dr saw the follicle on the u/s. here's to your baby dancing!!! *~*~*~*~*~*~


mellissa - August 25

thanks ruby and good luck with the hpt! i'm so excited and curious to see if you're pregnant! i am so excited to finally be ovulating again...i thought you were supposed to be more fertile after a m/c but it took me months to get back on track! crazy!! well, let's keep our fingers crossed for bfp's!!


Gigi - August 25

Hi ladies! I also had that question: I have been getting mild cramps down there for about 3 days now, but AF isn't due until 8/31 (6 more days), also lower back pain - have you experienced this also?


r - August 25

af 30 days late neg results been getting the tugging feeling for 1 month all the way through the month im 4 weeks late for af now the cramps were worse then they got better now im not hardly having any at all. had a littkle spotting on 15th i really think im pg got all the symptoms and 2 missed periods now.


Alycia - August 25

Gigi - I've been getting mild cramps/discomfort in my lower abdomen since 6 dpo. I'm hoping it's a really good sign! You're not alone... hang in there. AF is due Aug 29 for me.


Gigi - August 25

Hi Alycia and r :O) r, have you tested since you've missed 2 periods??? I would be dying to know! Baby dust! Alycia, glad to know we both have this symptom... mine started about 8 or 9 days past o! Mine comes and goes, like milder af cramps... what do yours feel like? Do you also have lower back pain? I've heard that it can start early as the uterus starts growing and can put pressure on one's lower back this early - have you ever heard this? When will you test? I'm waiting until one day past day af is due, in other words, Sept.1 - LOTS OF BABY DUST TO BOTH OF YOU!



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