Tummy Enlarged What S The Difference

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alisha - February 14

What's the difference between having a bit of a bump in early pregnancy, and it being something else such as bloated due to AF or eating? Like, would it look different? I have a tummy on me at the moment and I usually don't. If you look at it front on, it's round and you can see a line on both sides where the shape is taking place. The bump goes right down to my pubic bone. Does anyone know if a baby bump is different to any other, or looks no different?


unsure - February 14

i have the same problem right now


lee - February 15

in the same club as u lady's!


kat - February 15

i had exactly the same prob,when i went to the doctors they had a listen to see if there was a heartbeat,but there wasnt so im guessing for some reason i suddenly got bloated! as my tummys usually pretty flat.(he reckons its ibs but i had no diahrea or constipation so im not so sure!)


Coco - February 15

Kat, i read ur posts on different posts and u & i are pretty much in the same boat & desperately looking for any clue as well ! Did u stop the pill a few mths ago ? I did 4 mths ago , but never ever have i had my stomach so bloated , not to mention the bubbles i m feeling...And NO it's not in my head and im not desperately ttc, and the snsation is definately not gas ( that's what my doc .reckons it is) . My doc won't help. Most of the women on here who like us thought were pregnant and had -ve HPT's actually WERE pregnant ! I'd say just trust ur instincts ! Sigh......


hope it helps - February 15

i hope this may answer any questions here. but about the 'bump'. it is very small at first. not noticable. as you grow and the baby grows with you, your bump gets bigger. but when it first starts out it will first show in the pubic area. and as time goes on the baby will grow upwards towards the b___sts. i found a website that maybe able to show what i mean. please take a look at it and enjoy. good luck and lots of baby dust. http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art7113.asp


to grandpa viv - February 16

do u think u could help us on this??


Ashley - February 16

i have the same problem i noticed it today actually so its funny i saw this post. but right above my pubic bone theres like a bump there and its like not hurting but it feels uncomfortable like out of the ordinary so i was kinda wondering what that meant as well



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