Twinges In The Uterus

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johanna - February 7

i'm 3-4 dpo, and i have menstrual type cramps right now. to me that sounds awfully early for pregnancy symptoms... any advice? it is a dull ache, it feels like pms cramps that i get before AF arrives... this is month 4 of ttc and i'm not sure i have felt achy this early before... thanks for any feedback, and good luck!


La Rae - February 7

I'm approx. 3 days past O and I am feeling the same thing! I feel like I am getting ready to start my period. I have been feeling twinges in both the left and right side of my pelvic area, but mostly on the right. My b___bs feel slightly 'warm' too. Plus, I still have milky, white discharge and my cervix is high, soft and closed. I have been REALLY in touch with my body for the last four months, and this feels different to me. I would almost swear af is on her way and I have 10 days to go for that. Keep me posted on your symptoms, sounds like we are REAL close in our cycles. Good Luck! (if being pg is what you hope for) Oh - and from what I have read and heard, it is possible for some women to 'feel' symptoms as early as 2 dpo. Maybe you and I are two of 'em.


johanna - February 7

thanks so much la rae! it helps to hear some positive feedback. this feels different to me as well, but i also don't want to get my hopes up. how long have you been ttc? i have milky white discharge as well, but i had that last month as well. i checked my cervix and though i haven't done so regularly, it seems to be high and closed, but not very soft.... GOOD LUCK TO YOU! (i really want to be pg!). keep me posted! i'm charting my temperatures, and am hoping they stay high and maybe even become triphasic. that, and if i saw an implantation dip i'd be thrilled. okay, enough of that ramble. good luck!


Nica - February 7

? How does one check their own cervix?? My doctor checked mine today and said it was closed.... I'm supposed to be 5 weeks pregnant, is this normal? It sounded like it wasn't...


johanna - February 7

checking your cervix involves (for you) sticking a finger inside of your v____a until you hit some resistance. it is about a finger's lenght in, and feels like a round nub. it can be either soft or hard, high or low. not sure how it should be in pregnancy. congrats, though, on being pregnant!! la rae - my husband mentioned that i had these cramps last month, so they aren't new. what IS new is that i have weird shooting pains in my right b___st. very bizarre. that is new for sure.


hello - February 8

Hi ladies looks like im joing you im 4dpo and am also feeling tugging in my lower tummy was in the centre now on the right i hope i am preg been trying since our last loss and everyone around me is having babies which doesnt help! I also have broke out in spots and still had clear stuff this morning! Good luck 2 u both and anyone else reading xxx


La Rae - February 8

From what I understand, the cervix should be closed during pregnancy. It's to keep bacteria, germs, etc. from getting up there and interfering with the 'baby in progress' going on up there. Johanna - the twinges aren't 'New' for me IF I was ovulating right now. BUT I had these twinges last week when I WAS ovulating. Now they just seem to be a little more 'intense' - plus, my b___bs still feel heavy and slightly warm, and they didn't last week. Good Luck to you all! Let's keep each other posted. Oh, and I have been ttc for only 4 months now. One more thing: breaking out in spots can be a 'sign'. A good one.....I'll cross my fingers for ya'. (still have milky, white cm and cervix is still closed - that is different than last month, for me)


to la rae - February 8

I have pains in lower belly and i have broken out in spots i have 7 on my face and 2 on my neck this is not right for me i only break out when AF is due which is not due yet as only just had EW on Friday!!! Good luck 2 u xx


La Rae - February 8

Regarding those 'spots' - are they pimple-like? Like, are they 'raised'? Or are they more like under the skin? Do they itch? What color are they? I noticed that my uper back was itching this morning when I was taking a shower, and I 'felt' little raised bumps there, but I couldn't see anything. Plus, since I woke up this morning I had EXCESSIVE salivation (I always have 'dry mouth'), and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I haven't swallowed this much since....well, let's not get to graphic, now shall we? LOL (just kidding) Good Luck to you too! Sure does sound like we might get what we want....


To La rae - February 8

They are lovely and raised and they stick out more than ..... lets not go there lol Oh god lets not beat the bush they are huge white and very sore!!!!! Its horrible isnt it xx


johanna - February 8

breaking out if you normally don't is a good sign, since your hormones would be changing quite a bit. anyone charting their temps? mine just skyrocketed from yesterday to today, which makes me happy. this is 4 dpo now, and i hope the temperatures stay high, then dip 5-10 dpo (just one little implantation dip is all i am asking for!), and then skyrocket again. woohoo! my twinges feel mostly PMSy, unfortunately. i guess it is that way each month. and the excess saliva? great positive sign! good luck!


To Johanna - February 8

Yr lucking lucky with yr temp going to plan lets keep our fingers crossed 4 u xxx And the spots are not a good sign to me haha THEY KILL XX


La Rae - February 8

Thanks Johanna - the excess saliva is definitely a 'new' sign for me. You know how your body can play 'tricks' on you when you are ttc. Also, for the last 2 days, when I wake up my nose is EXTREMELY stuffy! I have to b__w it a good 3 or 4 times. It seems to be ok for the rest of the day. But honestly, I thought I was getting a cold. But I don't have any other symptoms. I am not charting my temps. But yours sounds promising! Fingers and toes are crossed for you! Speaking of toes - my right one started cramping up on me, whenever I get up to walk somewhere (anywhere). I work a desk job, and I sit for quite some time before I get up. I have noticed that my legs appear to be 'falling asleep' today. Isn't that another sign? Baby Dust To You All!


MULGAJILL - February 8

i didn't even think a stuffy nose could be a 'sign', but i did wake up sunday morning thinking i had a cold, but cleared up after half-hour in front of heater... just did an early preg test and it was faintly positive, will test in a few days to see if it takes hold... have had bad skin for the last week, my partner suggested i should not put so much face cream on (like that is the problem!).... good luck to you all... and baby dust too...



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