Twins Can Have Different Dads

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Amber #2 - June 10

So this isn't exactly a question, but I thought it was pretty interesting. I saw on MSN homepage an article regarding twins and whether or not it is possible for them to have different fathers, and the answer is YES!!!! I couldn't believe it!! How weird would that be? I mean, if you think about it, it is totally possible if the woman has s_x with 2 different men a few days before she ovulates, and then all of the sperm are sitting there waiting for the egg, and then 2 fertlize from one man, and one from the other!!! Anyways, I just thought that was pretty interesting and wanted to share with you all!


Jamie - June 11

It's not possible for 2 sperm to fertilize the same egg. If 2 sperm did fertilize the same egg, the fetus would be spontaneously aborted because there would be too much genetic material. It is possible, however, for a woman to release 2 eggs, and each of those eggs be fertilized by sperm from a different man.


bRiT - June 11

I was watching Maury one day and they were doing the paternity tests and that exact same thing happened to a lady...her twins had two different was def. interesting..


soimpatient - June 11

good ol' Maury :)


LadyD - June 12

It's true. I saw a show (can't lie, don't remember which one but it was a "real" show) about that. I thought it was something like 2 eggs are waiting and 2 sperm come swimming along & fertilize them? I could be wrong b/c I think twims come from the same egg right? I do know this much: the twins are fraternal when they have different (Yes I know I am slightly All in all, I do know it's possible.


jldaniels - June 12

At least I know I'm not the only one that thought MSN article was interesting. lol


jldaniels - June 12

Oh, but yeah, it would have to be two different eggs. Jamie is right. There is no possible way that 2 sperm can fertilize one egg not even from the same man.


linds99 - June 12

jldaniels, yes it is possible 2 sperm can penetrate one egg....In most partial molar pregnancies, the fertilized egg has the normal complement of chromosomes from the mother but double the chromosomes from the father, so there are 69 chromosomes instead of the normal 46. (That can happen when chromosomes from the sperm are duplicated or when two sperm fertilize the same egg.) In this case, there's some normal placental tissue among the cluster-like ma__s of abnormal tissue. The embryo does begin to develop, so there may be a fetus, or just some fetal tissue, or an amniotic sac. But even if a fetus is present, in most cases it's so abnormal that it can't survive.


Nell4Him - June 12

Identical twins is when one egg seperates... Fraternal twins is when the mom ovulates two eggs and both are fertilized. Just some clarification on what Fraternal twins is. They are not from two dads. =)


linds99 - June 12

Fraternal twins can come from two dads as bRiT had indicated she saw on TV. This is possible, when a woman has s_x with two different men around ovulation and ovulates two eggs (one each getting fertilized by the sperm from the two separate men) that was sitting and waiting in the tubes for the eggs. Here is a concept...there is a subject that scientists are researching now about "survival of the fittest" this concept entails that if a woman had s_x with one man and then had s_x with another man, the sperm from the second man would gain momentum by detecting "compet_tor sperm in the tubes" and work faster/harder to penetrate the egg than the sperm that was there first. It is just a concept scientists are studying to see if it factual. Interesting though.


San_dee - June 12

hey i remember seeing this on tv, some doc_mentary, it was saying how it was unheard of back in the day for fraternal twins to have different fathers, but due to dna testing, twins that are all grown up now are just finding out that they have different fathers, how scary is that!!!


Rhonda - June 12

It can happen but is rare,and can only happen with fraternal,not identical twins.



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