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Cee Bee - July 22

Hi Everyone, I am officially on the 2ww - due for AF around 8/5. Anyone care to join the waiting list??


Cee Bee - July 22

and meant to say....anyone on the 2ww (regardless of when *not* due) please join....


sarah - July 23

Hi I am on the one and half week wait due 8/2 feeling very anxious, experiencing tender b___sts, bloated tummy, cramping, very emtional, feel sick but not phisicaly being sick and urinating a lot, and last few nights have havent really slept to well, which I am putting down to tummy and b___sts making it uncomfortable for me to sleep. But still taking the view that I am not, as I dont want to be to disappointed if my p comes. good luck to all


Heather - July 23

I am also waiting for my A/F arounf 8/5 - I would love yo wait together!


bump up the jam - July 24



Jme - July 24

8/1 here...b___sts growing by leaps and bounds, tender around chest wall, nausea when I eat, bloated tummy, lots of heartburn, headaches...and I also can't sleep...& what is really lower abdomen is very tender to the touch, right above my pubic bone when I get up or down it feels like it is pulling...i am trying not to get my hopes up too high...don't want to be let down too much...whew i think that is about it...i'd love to join the waiting list


Dia - July 24

Hi ladies! I am guessing I am due for af around 8/3 ish. I was using an OPK and got a positive LH surge on cd 20, so I am running a bit late this month. JME ~ I also had that tenderness above the pubic bone the day after I ovulated. It was sore - like I had been beat up in that area - weird! Sarah ~ your symtoms definitely sound good! Good luck to everyone!!!


gretchen - July 24

I am waiting for no af around 8/5. This is my first month usiong clomid, I hope it works, I go to the doctor on Thursday for Blood Work.


Maureen - July 25

Hello! This is my first time to post a message here. I'm also due around the same time. My b___sts are really sore, with pronounced montgomery tubercles, and i have this stretching pain on my abdomen. I took clomid days 3-7 and had a follicular ultrasound on th 15th.turns out i had around 5 mature follicles that my doctor advised it's better not to get pregnant this cycle.anyway,deep in my heart, i'm still hoping that i am pregnant...


Cee Bee - July 25

Hi everyone - well I still have a bit to go - think I am only on 4dpo and not feeling any symptoms. But that's OK - kind of mind not feeling any symptoms because in the past when i've had all the "usual" symptoms - always turns out to be BFN!! This is my last cycle chance before we go to IVF - so fingers crossed. Good luck to us all...


Erica - July 25

I'll join you ladies...due for AF around the same time. No symptoms yet, but I definitely was unusually sore around the time of O this month...very odd for me! It's so nice to have people to wait with! Baby dust to all.


Heather - July 25

still have weeks to wait until I am late around the 5th - anyone incredibly bloated! I feel like buying maternity pants just so I don't have to be so uncofortable! I am quesy and bloated so my pants are tight but having my pants tight on my stomach make me even more quessy, any one else having the same problem?



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