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lassy79 - December 18

ok here we go, I have never asked anything here befored so I hope u all can help me, basically been trying to concieve and after i saw i ovulated (used opk day 15) i started having aches in left side which would come and go, then i had that metalicy taste in mouth everyone talks about, around 10days past ovulation i had agonising pains which last through then night and then disappeared so as was a week away from af couldnt be that, have had extra CM since ovulation yet im usually dry, feelings of starving each morning i wake till i eat, i know i shouldnt of but i used 1 of my opk sticks yesterday 15dpo and was a clear positive as i used clear blue and showed up a smiley face, now im due af, yet no aches or pains, what you all think, all messages appreciated


atlastls - December 18

Your signs sound very promising. The pains a week before expected AF could be implantation and extra CM is a good sign. I would test tomorrow morning and see what you get. Can you let us know what you get?


la__sy79 - December 18

yeh sure, i have an hpt in my home, just very nervous on using it, as my past pregnancy took more than a week late to receive a +hpt, but that time i never used opk's. Just scared of getting a - even with the signs looking good.


Krissy68 - December 18

la__sy79 - Is AF due today or tomorrow? I have a good feeling for you I think your are pg and I would test in the morning with your fmu. Good Luck to you and keeping my fingers cross for you. I can't wait to hear the results. Krissy68


la__sy79 - December 19

hey af was due yesterday so am on cd31 and 17dpo, i used a cheap test this morning and i think i did it wrong as even the control window was faint and obviously next to nothing in test window, i will buy a clear blue test which will show "pregnant" or not "pregnant" then i will know for sure, ill keep you all posted


la__sy79 - December 19

hey ok, here goes, as i said i did the predictor test this morning and didnt seem like it worked, maybe a real faint line, but did another opk and straight away positive, anyway bought the clear blue twin pack and it turned + straight away so didnt need other test!!! still in shock cant believe it!! so i guess in some cases opks work too, cheers for listening


Krissy68 - December 19

la__sy79 - Congratulation to you and I am so happy for you. Happy Early Merry Christmas what a wonderful Christmas present. Keep us posted. Krissy68



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