TWW Again

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simplegirl - June 23

Well, i have been very hesitant on whether or not i should track my tww this cycle as seeing we only got to BD once and it was at the beginning of my fertile period. So it's more than likely i will see AF. BUT today which is 6 dpo which i didn't even think i was this far in my cycle i had some minor cramping like AF so i didn't think anything of it. but like a few seconds later i felt something so i for sure thought it was AF coming early and then i was confused. So went i went to the bathroom to check it was just CM; it was white and basically watery sort of like before ovulation. Usually my CM dosen't turn watery until about 3 or 4 days before AF shows.i haven't felt anything since. no other signs or symptoms of anything. So, if anyone is in the TWW you are welcome to join me..or even if you have had a similar instance.


Krissy68 - June 24

simplegirl - I just got my positive on my opk on cd 12 & 13 and today it was neg so I am a__suming I will start the 2ww tomorrow so I will join you. Krissy68


Mandypants - June 25

I am 8dpo so right in the middle of the TWW. Fingers crossed for all of us!


Krissy68 - June 25

Mandypants - Keeping my fingers cross for you. Keep us posted. When do you get to test? Krissy68


Rosie00 - June 27

Hi Gals! I'm 6-7 dpo so I'm joining the club. Light cramping started last night. Today had pink cm and cm has been so excessive since 2 dpo. I'm not trying to get excited though my ovulation was kind of crazy this month and not sure if I hit it on the head or not. Breasts are a little tender. I'm hoping this is baby and not early AF. But I probably won't test till I'm way past AF if I get there. I'm tired of being disappointed! Baby dust to everyone! Keep us posted!


Rosie00 - June 27

Well, I went to the bathroom a little bit ago and there was a small streak of brown in my undies :( Aunt Flo is not due for at least a week if not more! GAH Im crossing my fingers!!


Krissy68 - June 29

Rosie00 - How are you feeling. Keeping my fingers cross for you. I think we are cycle buddies I am cd 19/6dpo. When can you test I know you said you are going to wait untile after AF is late. I am thinking about testing on Jul 3 I will be cd 23/10dpo so I can see how I am going to celebrate the 4th. I know last cycle I started AF on May 13 and my lp was only 13 days and I started testing with the opk on cd 10 and it was neg on cd 11 it was neg but on cd 12&13 it was pos and then on cd 14 it was neg and I ovulated on cd 14. I started this cycel on Jun 11 and I started using the opk on cd 10 again and it was neg and so was it for cd 11 but on cd12&13 it was pos and it was neg on cd 14 but this time around I ovulated on cd 13. I am a__suming I will start AF between July 9-13. Thinking about you please keep me updated. Krissy68



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