U S Reveals Sac But Nothing Inside

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Erin1979 - February 19

My cousin had an ultrasound last week. Going by her LMP, she was 7w4d, but she thinks she is 6w. The u/s revealed a sac, but the tech said she couldn't see anything inside. Has anyone else had this, and it turned out to be just too early to detect? I have spoken to her about the possibility of a molar pregnancy, but most of the symptoms don't match. Her doctor was worried b/c her HcG levels were low in the beginning, and seemed to come up to normal, but he wanted to do a u/s to determine how far along she was. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated.


DaBonkElsMe - February 19

I have not had this happen to me, but I have heard many women tell this story, and unfortunately, I cannot think of one that turned out OK. That doesn't mean it's impossible, I just don't know of any with positive endings. I am so sorry for your cousin, and i hope you get some stories on here that contradict what i have heard. It was very early for an ultra sound, and that little bean could have been hiding. Good luck!


ursula - February 19

I do know ladies who did a u/s, but it was too early. they went back a week or so later and could finally see the little bean, not sure how far along they were when this occurred though.


sunshine7610 - February 19

If she is 6 or 7 wks you should definitly see a fetal pole especially on transv____al ultrasound. Maybe her dates are off. At 5 wks, it's usually a little too early to see a fetal pole yet but you can see a sac. If her bHCG is rising like it normally should, maybe she is just not as fas along as she thought.


stefkay - February 19

I had this happen and it wasn't good...actually I was supposed to be 6w4d by lmp on my first u/s and I was measured to be almost 5 weeks and they only saw a gestational and yolk sac . A week later I should have been 7w4d and measured 5w5d and we did see the heartbeat, but that stopped and growth stopped at 6.5weeks (about a week after the u/s, although I didn't find out until another u/s 3-4 weeks later. A sac with nothing in it at all could be a blighted ovum and many women don't find out they have one of those until sometimes 12 weeks or first u/s, whichever comes first. They don't seem to m/c on their own as quickly as other situations. I have heard a few miracle stories here and there, so it could be dates off or something like that. I knew my dates couldn't have been off even though my dr. thought it was that. I knew exactly when I ovulated...


danimarie - February 20

I do have a GOOD story about this. My aunt had this happen- she was told that there was no baby and that she should have a d&c. She asked to wait and check again. 2 weeks later they saw a heartbeat but the baby was still smaller than where she should have been. Then a week or two later the baby was up to where it was supposed to be. I know this doesnt happen often AT ALL! But it CAN happen. I have a cousin to prove it!


AmazonMom - February 20

This actually happened to me, it is called Blighted Ovum: Also called an anembryonic pregnancy. A fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall, but fetal development never begins. Often there is a gestational sac with or without a yolk sac, but there is an absence of fetal growth.


ginger6363 - February 20

If your cousin is not as far along as she thought she was (say 5 weeks, for ex) then it is very possible that it is just too early to see anything. The doctor will more than likely have her come in in a wk or so and do the u/s again. Unfortunately, until then, there is no way of knowing. I wish your cousin all the best. Also, if you want to post this on the first trimester board, I've seen alot of ladies posting with the same situation.


Erin1979 - February 20

Thanks ladies. She is scheduled to go in on Thursday and have a transv____al u/s done. She si doing blood work everyday (her HcG was 9200 today, so that was good), but she said her doctor thinks that she is miscarrying. I am just hoping that it is too early. Thank you for all of your kind words and well wishes. This just hasn't been a good year for her, and I was thinking that things were finally turning around for her.


Erin1979 - February 23

I just wanted to let you all know that your thoughts and prayers worked! My cousin went in for the transv____al u/s which revealed a baby with a heartbeat and they told which is about 8w3d. She is over the moon with excitement and relief! Thanks for all of the support ladies! Miracles happen!


BrendaW - February 23

That is so Awesome Erin! I am so happy for your cousin! I havent posted here but have read on it and am glad to hear a happy ending.



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