Uhhh Flutters Like Butterflies

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~~wings~~~ - May 31

man for the past couple of hours, I been getting this feirce fluttering in my lower abdomen.. like butterflies rapidly doin their wings.. ( only way I know how to describe it) anyway .. .what the h__l is that.. I did have an early af.. 12 days early.. my normal one didnt come.. on the 13th.. I test on the 15th and 25.. both neg.. what the h__l is that


LL - May 31

It's probably gas...


Ang - May 31

do you have any other symptoms? I have the same thing with many other symptoms


~~wings~~ - May 31

to LL .. dont think it was gas... I know gas.. to Ang.. yea too many to count..


LL - May 31

It would be way too early to be feeling the baby yet


to ll - May 31

uh I really didnt think abt a baby.. Just wondered what it was "other than that"


LL - May 31

If you didn't think about a baby, why are you on a "Signs of Pregnancy" forum, and why are you taking pregnancy tests???


wings - May 31

omg your are making a bigger issue out of this than it had to be.. I WAS ASKING IF THERE WAS MAYBE ANOTHER REASON>> I Stated I did take test and they were NEG jesus... I saw on previous posts somewhere someone else mentioning this.. EXCUSE ME>>>> I will go somewhere else.. apparently this has bothered you


kEEKEE - May 31

Have you been pregnant before? Have any of your other AF been abnormal? Some women feel flutters with each pregnancy earlier. I would go see a doctor. Good luck!!


to keekee - May 31

yes.. 16 yrs ago.. I dont remember anything like this tho.. and yes my last "normal af" was in Mar.. then in April it got weird.. very lite flow and only 4 days (only morn flow in am first 2 days) spotty the last 2 days.. then I had that weird early af.. so.. basically.. I did take 2 hpts they were neg.. just thought maybe someone else would know.. thanku


LL - May 31

I was just asking, I didn't mean for you to take it wrong like that(I didn't mean it bad, if that's the way it sounded)...I wasn't accusing you of anything, just trying to figure out what was going on with you. Good luck in finding out your problem, sorry if I offended you.


to LL - May 31

thank you.. this whole thing just has me to confussed.. and I was just tryin to get some answers was all.. as I said to keekee, its been 16 yrs since my last was born.. I didnt know if the body was different after that long of a time.. I also came up with all these blue veins on my chest, up to shoulders, and down around bbs.. but that didnt start until a couple weeks after that early AF epidode May 2.. thats why I took the test..so I waited til the 15th.. my normal one would have been on the 13th.. didnt come.. so now here were coming up on June.. I have NEVER been this outta wack, and it has me alittle freaked out.. but thank you


LL - May 31

Well if you have other symptoms, it could be that your pg and it just isn't showing up on an hpt...quite a few women on here don't show up til later or not at all on an hpt...if you are pg that sensation you are feeling could be your uterus stretching, or maybe it's hitting a nerve and making it twitch...you know how sometimes a nerve will jump and it feels really weird? Maybe you should call your dr and have a quant_tative blood test done...that will tell you the level of hcg in your body...some women don't even show up hcg on those though, and still turn out pregnant. Anyways, these are just some suggestions, hope it turns out the way you want it to! Keep us updated ok!


to LL - May 31

thank u very much for responding.. I appreciate it



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