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Coco - April 5

Does anyone living in the U.K , had numerous -ves HPTs & blood tests, periods, knew they were preggo anyway and turned out to be pregnant? U probably saw me around this forum complaining a lot, but it seems this happened only to women in the U.S . And if so , how the heck do u get ur doctor to send u for an ultrasound ? Did they ever beleived u ? I'd like to know, cos i tried everything, but i haven't been successful yet !


coco - April 5

ok, don't mind my typing ok ? i'm too emotionnal right now !


Kerry - April 6

Hi Coco I live in UK and I have had -ve hpt and blood test and I am waiting the results on another blood test. But my doc has said if its negative then he will test for other things. Its doing my head in now! Do you keep getting -ves?


coco - April 14

Hi kerry, sorry i took so long to answer but i was unable to post answers on here for some reason. Never mind. Yeah i do keep getting -ves. Let me know the outcome. Ans my question is abit old now, but i found it again and thought i would reply !


puella - April 14

hi all. ive been scanning this forum for the past few days, and it has been so very helpful! I am living in the UK, but havnt been to get a doctors test. I have taken one hpt two days ago, and it was negative. I too am convinced i am pregnant, and until this past sunday, it never crossed my mind, though i believe i am at least three months. I just returned from a visit to my family in the US and was absolutely exhausted while there, and just put it down to the change in routine for three weeks. also got a small period while there, and had some other symptons, all of which i put down to the stress of travel etc. Then i had about four dreams in a row when i returned, all having to do with me being pregnant, and i joked with my husband, as we werent trying to concieve, yet dont use any form of birth control. then i realized that yes, my b___sts had been quite tender and had grown a bit, and my belly had changed shape and size but i hadnt really put on any weight...and i am very slim so would have noticed immediately otherwise. I jumped on the net and did some research because by that time i had a good hunch that i COULD be pregnant. After looking at all the symptoms, i realized i have/had at some point, all of them. i looked back thru my journals(i keep a daily and a dream journal and write in them every day/night) and couldnt believe that i had never thought about being pregnant before, as it was clearly doc_mented, all the signs, all along the way, for about three or so months. But i have continued to have my period, though i was over a week late in dec. and almost a week late in jan. and then sorta normal, but shorter periods since. so i never even thought about it. and i got the 'flu' pretty bad at the end of jan. begin. of feb. and had fever for about four days, and felt that all my subsequent symptoms were due to getting over the flu, includign the rash i got and the flushed cheeks for a week! and my appet_te was voracious. NOW I AM ABSOLUTELY convinced im pregnant, because my body has def. changed, and i am quite in tune with it overall. At this point i am quite excited because i DO WANT TO BE PREG. but afraid to take a test and find it negative again! Though now, seeing that there are so many others in the same boat as me, i feel better. I will just keep my fingers crossed for now, and in a few weeks it will be impossible NOT TO TELL. There is SOMETHING in there................ hmmmm. I feel better now that i got that off my chest! I wish you all the best of luck in your pregnancys/conceptions. Perhaps this is it................ smiles, puella


coco - April 15

well, Puella , it's good that u let it all out, at least u feel better now. Can u let us know the outcome plz? take care


karley - May 10

Hi all! just want to say good luck for puella, im 34 weeks pregnant and was over the moon when i found out! but before i fell pregnant i was desprate for a baby and got all paranoid and exited if i was only a day late and ALWAYS had a negative hpt, the disapointment was unreal every time, but this time i wasn't even late for my period and didn't have a clue i was pregnant untill one day something told me to do a test, i thought i was bonkers cuz i thought i would just no if i was or not but when it came back pos i nearly collapsed on the floor, i was at work at the time and had this sudden urge to do a test on my lunch brake!! and now here i am 8 months down the line! good luck to all, bye



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