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wondering - October 6

i am 1 1/2 weeks late and i am schedule to get and ultrasound today. I've taken numerous hpt and blood test and all came back negative. i have never been late before and have some symtoms. Do you think it's too early for and ultrasound? Can they detect if there is a baby there at this early stage?


Lupe - October 6

I'm surprised that the doc is prepared to do an ultrasound so early, without a positive pregnancy test? Why is the u/s being done? Waiting another week or two might make more sense. The fetal pole might be visible this early but there's a good chance its not. Peeking to early might just give you more stress if not much is visible....then you'd be going back in for another u/s a week or two later anyway. I've had two miscarriages, so with this pregnancy I had an early u/s, but waited until 7 weeks and could see the heartbeat. That's just my take on it. I prefered to wait a little rather than have the scare of not knowing if things are okay but just not visible yet, or that things weren't going well.


me - October 6

wondering...how did your ultrasound go??


Emily - October 7

I had an ultrasound when I was only 2 days late but I had already had a positive pg test. They were just checking to make sure everything was ok because I had problems in the past. You cant see the baby but the could see what I think is called the gestaional sac and measured it and by that they said I was 4 weeks and 2 days. I hope this helps


hmmmm... - October 7

well my cousin had her ultrasound when she was a week late. She had bfn on 5 tests but slightly high results on her blood test. the doc was worried for her tho. they did the u.s and yuppers she was preggers. Little did anyone know but she HAD TWINSSS!!!!. It was the most unusual case for her doctor. she had a weird period like verrrryyy unpredictable every month. The doc was worried in the begginning that she had a m/c. but nope within a week (i think it was 2) her levels on her blood test Sky-rocketed. They'r 2 now. Cute and cuddley.


to wondering - October 8

Did you have an ultrasound? And???


??? - October 9

Did you have an ultrasound? We are still interested in knowing!!


wondering - October 10

I'm sorry i didn't get a chance to get back to you guys, but yes i did get an ultrasound done both regular and internal and they didn't see nothing, but i do have to say i got my period this morning, 2 weeks later which never happened before. I guess i'll try harder next time. Good luck to everyone


me - October 10

sorry to hear that wondering. good luck next month!



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