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Hopeful - March 29

I was just wondering if any ladies kept receiving negative blood, urine and even ultrasounds only to discover down the road that they were indeed pregnant. I haven't had a period since November (and I'm always regular). I've had every symptom under the sun as far as pregnancy goes and I went yesterday to get an ultrasound done only to discover nothing was there. It was quite strange the technician did an abdominal ultrasound and I hadn't any water. I didn't have a full bladder at all. In fact I urinated all night and even that morning, thinking that they'd just give me water when I arrived. Instead she just did the ultrasound with me having an empty bladder. Next thing I know she told me to go to the bathroom after the abdominal (because she couldn't see anything) and so I went to the bathroom and urinated very little and she performed a transva___al ultrasound. She found nothing. I was okay that she didn't see a pregnancy, as at this point I just want to know what is going on. Strange thing is that I asked her if I had a build up of lining on my uterine wall, as I hadn't had a period in four months and she tells me no. There wasn't a build up at all. Everything seemed normal. Aren't I supposed to have a thick lining that needs to shed after four months of not having a period? Totally confused and in need of desperate help. Please respond ladies. I'd appreciate it so much!


MandyD - March 29

Is this you?


Hopeful - March 29



MandyD - March 29

Sure do wish I had some answers for you hun! I'm just as lost as you at this!


Hopeful - March 29

I know! Oh, do I know!


bump - March 29



louise - March 29

how old ar eyou


bump - March 30

bumpin it up


amy - March 30

hopeful, i am lost too. i wonder if it could be one of those tubal pregnancies. how old are you by the way? i am so confused, but i would definatly cunsult your obgyn and ask them to start some tests to see what is going on with your body. i hope everything works out for you



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