Umm Kinda Weird Question But Sorry If TMI

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ursula - January 17

Can having s_x on your period make your cycles shorter? Since during s_x your cervix kinda convulses would it make it go quicker??


CAROL - January 17

I wouldn't think so, since your period is the shedding of your uterine lining. I wouldn't think s_x would be able to change the duration of AF.


jessicaspatherapist - January 17

no, but you really shouldn't have s_x while you're menstruating....blood is trying to come out and you're pushing it back in....not good for TTC and not good for overall flow. in asian cultures (that use chinese medicine) s_x during menses is totally taboo. there is actually evidence stating that s_x during the menses over time can cause some levels of don't do it! lol


Megs - January 17

Jessica, I've had a couple friends that swear that's when they got pg, during AF! DH won't touch me if I am even thinking of bleeding from there!!! LOL He's SOOO funny about that. But I agree, if it's coming out and you're pushing it back up there it just ain't right! Ursula, I too don't think s_x would change your cycles... :-( Unfortunately. If it were only that easy......... hahaha!


ursula - January 17

Oh I don't have s_x on my period. My DH isn't interested, but I did wonder if it would make AF go quicker. thanks for the input.


crackersforme - January 17

I was always told & read...will have to look up the links, that it does make af over sooner. I know everytime I've had s_x during af the next morning I was usually done. I believe the articles said something about when you have an orgasm it makes the blood come out faster. I'm not one for doing it, but my guy seems to like it for some strange reason... I know it definitely helps with the cramps, though. I'll go look it up now....


crackersforme - January 17

I found one's what it said. If you want the exact's at Can Having S_x During Menstruation End Your Period? If you have had s_xual intercourse during menstruation you may have noticed that your period comes to an abrupt end within a day of intercourse. Though you may be worried that somehow your menstrual blood has "backed up" or gotten stuck somewhere in your reproductive tract, this is not the case. In fact, your period has probably ended because s_xual intercourse has stimulated an increased number of contractions in your uterus, causing your body to expel your menstrual blood more quickly. During orgasm, your uterus goes through a number of muscular contractions, which can help to speed up menstruation; as your uterus contracts, the endometrial lining begins to shift and is forced out through the v____a. Additionally, s____n contains prostaglandins, hormones responsible for causing uterine contractions. The combination of prostaglandins and orgasm may contribute to an increased number of uterine contractions and therefore cause the rest of your menstrual blood to be quickly shed.


jessicaspatherapist - January 17 this pertains to having an orgasm...what about us ladies who do NOT orgasm during intercourse....we're always just screwed! lol......


crackersforme - January 17

lol....yep, guess you're just screwed (no pun intended). That website is very informative, though.


cchick - January 17

The info that I have states that you CAN NOT get pregnant durring your peirod!!!! Nothing backs up in there, and yes the contractions you have durring an orgasim will help shed the lining of your uterus. Just like putting the new born baby to the b___st right after delivery, it helps contract your uterus and slow the bleeding :0) Just had to get that off my chest thanks for reading!



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