Uncommon Pregnancy Symptoms Anyone

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kdlovesrd - February 22

I am trying to decipher whether or not I am pregnant or just out of my mind completely and need some advice. I have read all the sites about Pregnancy Symptoms but not a lot apply to me and I was wondering if any women out there had DIFFERENT symptoms? For instance, I'm not suffering from any nausea but I do have fatigue. I dont have sore br___ts but they feel puffier than normal (I'm already big br___ted so maybe they're just growing?). I have weird sensations in my abdomen -- not painful, just noticeable. A lot of pressure on my lower abdomen with the feeling like I have to fart (sorry for the image!). My lower back is achy, etc and I've gone 58 days without a period. I have gone to the OBGYN and had an annual exam, and a blood test (normal exam, negative blood test) and I took yet another HPT this morning (negative). Am I just crazy?


Grandpa Viv - February 22

Fatigue, backache, ga__sy, and bigger b___sts are signs. When did they start? Maybe an ovarian cycst is giving you problems, and not pregnancy. The Obgyn would have to do an ultrasound to see that. Could you have skipped a cycle and got pregnant recently? In that case try a couple more tests at one week intervals. Good luck!


DaBonkElsMe - February 22

Sounds a lot like pregnancy to me, but the tests should be positive by now. Ask for an ultra sound - there are some VERY RARE cases of pregnant women who do not come up positive on the tests. It's extremely uncommon, but possible. Let us know what happens.


nurs2b24 - February 22

Your symptoms sound just like me! I have weird sensations in my lower abdomen sort of like gas pain but I know it's not. My b___sts weren't tender either but just today they started. I would def. get an ultrasound though....my sister in law was pregnant and everytime she took a test it would come out neg. so def. go get checked out! Good Luck!


SArah - February 23

I'm the same way!!! My af starts on Monday so I'm not late but I have that feeling in my abdomen since about 4dpo. My b___sts are a little bigger but no pain. My lower back aches too. I tested today (9dpo) and was neg, Lets hope we both have little ones in the future!


kdlovesrd - February 23

Thanks for all the responses ladies! I am going to take the advice & test again in one week. Oh yeah, are any of you experiencing or have experience discharge while pregnant? Not blood or dried blood or egg white but like an opaque white discharge every so often? Whenever I go to the potty & strain to pee too hard, I notice it. Its kind of sticky like the ovluation discharge but since I've not been pregnant before, I thought I'd ask. One more thing, I've been unable to hold my blatter in for too long lately (last 3-4 weeks) and literally every night, I have to wake up at 3:00a and pee for literally 20 seconds straight when the last thing I drank would've been at 8:30p! I'll have a 1/2 cup coffee in the morning & within 20 minutes I have got to pee & every time it feels like my bladder is going to pop!


kdlovesrd - February 23

I forgot to mention that this morning I'm wearing a shirt I haven't worn in a couple weeks and I noticed that my b___sts have really filled it out to the point that the shirt is almost too tight for work! My husband is no help in trying to help me whether he thinks my b___sts are getting bigger or if its just in my head...lol...I show him & he goes "ga-ga" and says 'they've always been big". To me, its just a 'feeling' like they've grown in ma__s. I looked in the mirror and was like "d__n, these are huge". Anyone else experiencing anything similiar??


MrsShelton217 - February 23

This sounds more like an ovarian cyst. They can cause dalayed (or even stop your) periods. I would consult your OBGYN and ask him to do an trans v____al ultrasound to determine whether or not there is a cyst. Good Luck



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