Unprotected Sex For 7 Months

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jackie - October 17

i've been having unprotected s_x for 7 months now, with my boyfriend that i have had for 10 months. is it possible that i could be pregnant but still having my periods? me and my boyfriend have a very active s_x life and we have s_x about 4 times a week or whenever we can. he comes in me everytime we do it but the sperm always seems to come back out of me when i stand up or something, could there be something wrong with me or could i be pregnant? i know that its possible to have regular periods and still be pregnant.


Viv - October 17

Do you now have some early symptoms of pregnancy? Some people take a year of trying to get pregnant. Can you tell us how old you are and if you are def. wanting a baby at this time? The s____n coming back out is normal - only one sperm has to stay in.


u already know - October 17

you already answered your own question


jackie - October 18

how can i have answered my own question? yes i am wanting a baby at this time, ive only been purposly having unprotected s_x for the past month, the other six months were just if i get pregnant then i get pregnant what can i do but now i want to have a child. i am 25 and ive been looking pregnant for the past 2 months my belly is growing bigger all the time and i a very slim person, not very tall either. i have alot of other symptoms like back pain, stomach pain, cravings, tired all the time but mainly from college and work, having s_x has now started to hurt a bit and my v____a seems to swell up afterwards (sorry to be so grose) and it really hurts. im glad its normal for s____n to come back out, i told my friends that it happens to me after we have had s_x and the laughed at me and said that its not normal and its probably me coming but i know its not. ive been feeling pregnant and my stomach is hard, ive also got one of those brown lines going downwards from my stomach, dont know if thats to do with it, and i have those white bumps on my nipples, they arnt sore though.


Viv - October 18

Jackie, congratulations, you are pregnant. You can confirm it with a home test any time you save up $7.95. You should be taking prenatal vitamins including folic acid, and staying away from alcohol. Bleeding at period time is not uncommon in the first trimester. The doctor will be able to tell you your due date based on an ultrasound, but it may be as early as April.


jackie - October 18

ohh but theres another thing i forgot to say, i knew i missed something out, i took a test about a month ago and it came up negative, but they cant come out possitive if you are still having your periods because your homones are not high enough to even stop your periods so its not detected on a pregnancy test, thank you so much for helping me, i will take your advice and go and see the doctor. thanks again!


Sally - October 19

hey jackie, yeah you can be pregnant and the htp tests dont pick it up and if you were still having your periods then yeah you could have one of those pregnancies where people dont know there pregnant and one day a baby just pops out. id listen to your body and if its telling you that your pregnant then you are and you feel it so then you are. the line that goes down the stomach only happens in late pregnancy so good luck!!!



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