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bev - February 12

I am three days late for my af this month, we already have a 4yr old son, i just got off the BCP in Jan, With my son, I was lucky and never had any bad symptoms, it was a breeze, all I had was the "popcorn" feeling n my stomach, now I have the same thing again now, nothing else other than missed AF. Took one HPT-neg, going to wait for to do another, My CM is very wet almost feels like I've started, BBT is 35.1-35.4 C' Can anybody give me some insight on what they think, Thank you in advance


johanna - February 12

can you describe the popcorn feeling? so many people seem to describe it, and i'm just curious to know more abou t_t. 3 days late is good sign, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. the wet CM is good. what is your coverline BBT usually? i'd wait a week and then test again, or go to a doctor's office for a blood test.good luck!


bev - February 12

the popcorn feeling, first time i've discribed it like that, but it's like tingling, twitching, or gas in the lower part of you abdonmen, not sure if its really a sign but had it with son, so maybe, and charting, this is my first month so i have no idea sorry!,


Coco - February 12

Bev, Finally someone i can relate to !!! I go thru something very similar, if u look around this forum i have posted a few saying this. All my HPT's are -ve but like u , i have this "popcorn" feeling , but me it's on both side, generally at the same place on my sides.Weird ...but true ! What do u think it is ? Johanna, the reason we call it -popcorn- feeling is because the sensation is as quick as a corn popping ( try to bake some & whatch lol) or like bubbles..pop, pop,pop...... Got it ? LOL


Grandpa Viv - February 12

The BBT is meaningful to you only if you have previous months' charts. It seems your thermometer is reading low. Eighteen (18) days continuous above the cover line is significant. The wet feeling is significant. The similarity to a previous pregnancy is significant. We wish you luck at your next test!


johanna - February 12

hi bev - this is my first month charting. go to fertilityfriend.com, and you can map your cycle there for free, and compare your chart to others (also in celsius). knd of neat. my temps have been way up as well, which i hope is a good sign. is the popcorn/tingling around your uterus or a bit higher? good luck!


bev - February 12

Thank you so much at least now i feel better as im not alone, the "popping" feeling is near the uterus, very low nad it to is mostly in the middle but sometimes goes over to the side, kinda tickles, any more advice would be great thanks to all, and baby dust to everyone


louise - February 13

bcp can alter your cycle for up to a year. your bbt is very low for soeone who isnt trying toi cncieve let alone is. the normal range is 35.5 is the lowest. i think you should see your doctor, prob nothing to worry abpout but just be sure!


bev - February 13

hey ladies boy do i feel dumb, the thermonator, i bought is for bbt, but it beeps everytime the number changes, so i thought that the first beep meant it was done reading, but wasn't so those temps arn't right, sorry, but i am still late.



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