Unusual Symptoms

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ursula - February 20

I am trying to convince myself these are not specifically preggo signs. I have been gassy since O, but not every day just a few here and there. Today, I had a serious hot flash. I temped in the middle of it and my temp rose to 100.29. Then gradually back down. It was elevated for at least 15 minutes. My nipples have been sore, but not so much too the touch as they have just felt sore when being in a bra...SO... I don't know if I am loosing my mind or if these couple possibly be PG signs. lol... My temps are kinda flat so I wouldn't think I could be pg, any ideas? home/ursulag


Fall - February 20

Ursula, my b___bs feel the same... I thought it was odd as well. What cd re you on? 24 for me


ursula - February 20

I am on cd 38, but I didn't O till cd29. I am 9 DPO right now and just trying to figure out what in the world is up with my body. lol do you use FF?


Grandpa Viv - February 20

That's not the most encouraging chart. It even looks as though your bod took a run at O around CD 17 and didn't quite make it. A couple more months will perhaps clear things up. The hot flash and b___b signs are somewhat promising. Maybe more will develop in the coming several days. Good luck!


tk07 - February 21

hi ursula! how long have you been temping for? i don't want to be a meany but ovulating on cd 29 is real late in the cycle. i was put on clomid when i would sometimes not ovulate or sometimes ovulate as late as cd 26. not saying it can't happen though!!! are you irregular at all?


ursula - February 21

This is actually my first month temping. I think G-Viv is right. my body tried too on cd17 and it didn't happen. My temp dipped and went up but I am still unsure if I did O on the 29th either. I am not getting my AF for some reason adn I am already on cd39. I am thinking of not temping and just waiting for AF. I am worried I am stressing over O and no AF that I might be delaying AF to come. Any stress puts my cycles out of whack... Uggh!! all I want is a precious little one for my DH and I :o(



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