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lillybug - April 30

Well I'm offically 7 weeks late with my period! Its been four weeks since I last went to my OBgyn for a blood test. I don't feel really different at all just cramping here and there and frequent back aches. I'm going to make an appointment, but I just hate for put out that co-pay for a doctor to tell me that I am fine and that i'm just having an irregular period. This is so upsetting! I want my periods back on track already! My last period was on Feb. 1, 2008!!!!! I've gone through three full months without a period. Before birth control my periods came every 6-8 weeks (60 day cycles) but this one is really long!


wantingbabytwo - April 30

hi lilly could i ask you how old you are i was kinda of going though the same the same thing and found out i was premenapasal at the age of 32 so it is really a good idea to go and get some blood work done and pay the copay at least you will know what you are dealing with and please keep me up to date i really hope you get a different answer as i did it just broke my heart !!!


Tiggy - April 30

Hi lillybug. I just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel. I had/have (they are getting shorter!) irregular cycles since coming off the pill in July. It was so upsetting. I went through numerous tests, even an ultrsound to discover nothing and that I was never pregnant at all. My Dr. put me on progesterone and for 5 days and on day 6 my period came. I basically had a hormonal imbalance due to BC pills. I'd go in right away, rule out pregnancy if needed(or not :) ) and get back on track right away. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Take care and good luck!


lillybug - April 30

Hey girls! Thankx so much for all the advice, I really needed someone to talk to me about this. I'm making that appointment then. My husband is 26 and I'm 21. we want to have our first child before he gets close to 30 because we want a second one around his 30th birthday. TTC is stressful. I hate it!



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