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KEEKEE - May 13

Hi all,well I just got back from the doctor. The appointment went well. I told him all what was going on with me. So he did a complete exam. He noticed the brown blood/discharge. He told me I may have had a m/c. I got a faint postive in the office and the brown blood point to m/c. the u/s showed a sac but no baby. He also couldn't find a heartbeat. He said he was sorry and it looked like I suffered a m/c. I didn't have a healthy pregnancy.It look like I was 3 months along. Which would explain alot. Last night bright red blood came. Hopefully I won't haveto have a D/C. But the pregnancy seem to be coming out on its own......Right now i'm happy I got answers. Its just not the answers I wanted. I feel ok. A little cramps(painful last night) and bleeding. I am sad, but feel like something had to have been wrong with the pregnancy. My body wasn't ready for pregnancy yet. Mother nature did her job....A m/c is a part of life. I had one at 3 months. A least the baby wasn't born stillborn or unhealthy. Thank god for that. I took the news well. I had a feeling something was wrong. That feeling was right. There was nothing that could have been done to stop the m/c. Miscarriages happen..........Good news: I am able to have more babies if I want to. One day DH and I will make that decision. Right now I'm enjoying my two beautiful boys. I am lucky to have two kids already. I'm very blessed and loved................Smooches!!!!


KEEKEE - May 13

Thanks y'all for all your prayers and nice comments.


Steff - May 13

I am sorry to hear about your loss. I am happy that you are taking it okay. Take care of yourself and your boys. :)


Mary - May 13

Awe KEEKEE I am so very sorry for your loss.. you will be in my thoughts and prayers...


Estee P - May 13

Oh Keekee!!! I am so sorry!!! We were right then, you've been pregnant all along! I am just so desperately sorry you lost it, sweetie, I am SOOOOO sorry!!! I wish I was there to hug and comfort you in person! But there is good news (you can try again!) and I'm so glad to hear you're taking this so well! And although this is not the news we would have liked to hear, at least now you can get back to routine cycles and a NORMAL body! Please don't you worry about this at all now. This stuff just happens and you're gonna be o.k. We're here for you, and we're gonna see you through the rest of the year, until you do get that BFP, and you're gonna keep it next time!! And right now, if you want me to, I could just come over and kick mother nature's a__s for you, if you like!! Just say the word sweetheart! We'll come from Canada, South Africa, the U.K. and just everywhere, and we'll see her right! And while we're at it, we might as well beat up that nasty old perv neighbour of ya just for the fun of it! So please Keekee, let this pa__s without getting down about it. Don't try to deal with it all in one go, take it easy and let yourself be sad and vent on here if you want to, ok? I'm sure dh will take very good care of you now. Lots of love all the way over the ocean!! xxx


KEEKEE - May 13

Thanks everyone!!!! Estee, your are a sweetheart. You made me smile.......I just feel like m/c is part of life. I have been through worst. I will be fine. I am fine. I have my feet up and playing on the labtop. Dh is taking good care of me. My boys are trying to feed me crackers. More like force feeding.Even Sheba did a hit and run. What more can a girl ask for?.........I hope you all doing well...........Smooches


Maggie - May 13

Hi KEEKEE, I've read some of your post and I'm so so sorry about the m/c. I believe in karma, and you have been a real pillar of strength and support for a lot of these women. I believe the universe will give you everything you want and need. STAY STRONG!! I hope you will still visit the forums. Good wishes!


Tiffany - May 13

Keekee, See you didn't belong in the Loony Bin!!! You knew something was going on with your body. I'm sorry for the news. I hope you don't have to do a D/C also. And I will pray for you too that the pregnancy continues to comes out on it's own and your body returns to normal quickly. I'm glad you can still have kids! Maybe down the road you will have a little girl, so your boys will have someone to pick on and of course play big brother to. :) I wish you well!


Jules - May 13

Hey Keeks. Man, my heart is just so sore for you. This is not something that had crossed my mind. I'm really pleased that you're being taken care of (all 3 of your boys are so sweet) and you're counting your blessings - which is the first step! Please just know that I am sending you special hugs n kisses n loves to give you all the strength and comfort that you'll need. Don't forget - we're around for you ALL the time. And tho you're taking it well, just know that if you ever have a bad day, we're here for ya! Heck - at least you can get outta the Rubber Room! heh heh heh. Keeks, you have been a pillar of strength and a bundle of laffs for so many, and to me especially - so you deserve all the love and support that you can get. You're a great friend and i just want ya to know that I'd like to be here for you to help and share good laffs whenever you need them. You love those boys - and let them take good care of ya. You deserve it ;) xxxxx Big smooches to ya xxxxx Shake that Booty xxxxx you rock xxxxx peace out


Estee P - May 14

Keeks. How are you doing? Do let me know? Once you read this, maybe just close your laptop screen, coz there's a load of baby dust coming your way, and you know how hard it is to get little grains out from between the keys! ;-) But on a serious note: I think now would be a good time for you to start with that red "poem-covered-cupboard" kitchen of yours! You've got a bit of advantage here, dh won't be able to say no to you for whatever you want right now, he's still in the "pamper Keeks" mode. And I also think it would be a good thing if you get your mind off the sad news for a while. Nothing does that better than focusing on a new project! As for me, my temp dropped even lower this morning, I'm now right back to the temp I had when I ovulated (36.2 C). So I'm just prepping myself every morning before I get out of bed to expect nasty AF when I go to the toilet. Normally it's between 1 - 3 days since the temp drop when she appears! Today I'm just gonna hang around the house with dh, coz he's flying off tomorrow for a week's work abroad. I'll try to spend quality time with him today, then I won't miss him so much through the week. Have a lovely weekend, all of you! xxx


Estee P - May 15

AF arrived this morning. I'm gutted.


Jules - May 15

Oh Estee! I am just so so sorry. You must be finished! I can only imagine right now what you are feeling and my heart hurts for you too. Please know that I send you love and comfort right now - and pray for the strength that you need to get thru this and pick yourself up again - and hold your head up high. Perhaps you have done this already, but if you haven't, it may be worth your while for you to take your charts to your doc and to show him your cycles. Make sure you are temping at the same time every morning, before you get out of bed, and after you've had at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep. If you know all of this, I'm sorry - I just wish there was something helpful that I could do. You deserve to have a baby. And I just can't see what would be preventing this if Dh has good swimmers and you're O'ing every month. I just don't know enough. Perhaps you have a very stressful lifestyle? I just don't know! But I feel desperate for you, Estee. And I'm sorry that you're feeling so bad today. I just pray that when tomorrow comes you'll feel a little stronger - and stronger then, each day. We are here for you to vent, to scream, to cry, to ask, to advise, to ponder. Whatever you need, we're here for you. And tho it may be small consolation at this stage, when you need to cry, we'll be here anyway ;) Maybe they're right. When you stop "trying" it will just happen. I don't know why, tho. We can't compare ourselves to one another because each person and each body is different. I truly hope and pray that between you, Dh and the doc, you guys can figure out what may be preventing a good pregnancy, even tho everything apprears to be in good working order. I send you big loves n hugs n strength n comfort. And hope that you feel stronger within you as the day goes on. I'm keeping you very close! Sterkte, Toets, Sterkte! xxxxx


Amie - May 15

Hey Kee kee did the dr. do a urine test or a blood test to tell?


Estee P - May 15

Thank you Jules! I appreciate your kind words very much! xxx


KEEKEE - May 15

Hi everyone, I'm up early. Its 7:00am here. That early for me. I get to bed late......First I say to say thank you for all your kind words. You all made me smile.Dh and I decided not to tell our family. So you and Dh have been my support. Thanks again........... Amiee, I had a OB exam to find out what was going on. No, I still didn't get a postive.................Estee, I'm so sorry to hear about your Af. I know how much you want a baby. I know right now you are hurting. I wish I can take the pain all away. We all know you deserve a baby. You need a baby. You will have a baby. I know you are sick/ tired of hearing this. Maybe the next time will work. I'm on meds, I just don't know what to say right now. I been hoping and praying for you. I wish I can give you a hug. It sounds like you need one. Please try to get some rest. I know thats hard. Don't hold back tears. Just let it out. You will feel a little better. I'm sending you tons of kisses............I'm on meds. I'm gonna try to post later. I had to give in to the pain meds. I'm having cramps, but the bleeding is slowing down. It remind me of my past painful periods. I'm handling it well................Smooches!!!!!


Jules - May 15

Heya Keeks - it was good to hear from ya. I'm sorry that you're feeling low - with the pain and all. I really hope that the meds help a lot and that the bleeding stops soon. Then you can rest up and let your body heal. You're being very strong - but just go with the flow. If you have a bad day that's okay too, ya know? We're here for you. You're a good friend to have ;) At least you're out the Rubber Room xxxxx Estee - hope you're hanging in there and feeling a little stronger too. I'm still holding you both very close xxxxx


jean - May 15

hi keekee i am so sorry gor you lost .when you said you knew something was wrong what did you mean how did you know



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