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Lynn - June 13

Hey everyone, well im still wondering if I could be preg. My AF isnt due until end of this month. I had unprotected s_x in may and than my "AF" came but it was normal and ever since than weird things have been happening. Ive been tired lately, im not as tired this week though, but im deff. sleeping later in the morning. I have the white bumps on my br___ts, my br___ts arent Bigger but swollen, their sensitive if I push on them. My abdomin is bloated, has been for the past 2 weeks [also for the past 2 weeks ive been feeling like very very minor cramping in my abdomin, kind of tugging/pulling/tingly feeling... doesnt hurt, just annoying] and after I eat something it gets even more bloated. I have lots and lots of cm. I dont feel sick at all, once in awhile though if I eat something [usually at night] I get an upset stomach. Ive been constipated/gassy [sorry tmi] and burping a lot more. Also I noticed in the mirror this morning that I have a few little breakouts around my chest area, I thought that was odd cause I never break out. Anyways what do yall think? I dont want to test yet cause itll probly just be bfn.. seems like a lot of women get bfn's before bfp, and I dont want to spend a ton of money on a ton of hpts. Thanks for any comments/advice/input!!


Lynn - June 13

Oops, when I said that my "AF" came... I meant to say it *Wasnt* normal. It lasted only 4 days, and my usual lasts for 7 days, has lasted 7 days for the past 8yrs.


- - June 13



Grayci - June 14

Lynn-have you noticed that you ovulated this cycle? If you believe you did then it didn't happen last month, if not then you have good reason to wonder. My Af last month came on CD36!! and it was much shorter and lighter than usual which has be curious (I'd be 9 weeks if I concieved last cycle) but I did ovulate so I know I'm not that far along, however I am hoping that this cycle it happened. I'm on CD32 and waiting. Its going to be hard but I'd wait if you don't want to b__w your $$$ on tests (I am there with you). Good luck and baby dust*****


!!!! - June 14

I have had the exact same feelings, but i did a test 2 days before my period was due and got a very faint line. I too had my period (lasting only 5 days, 1 day strong 4 days spotting brown and pink), my periods are normally at least 7 days, so decided to do another test yesturday and yet agian a faint positive. Im confused as i thought the line would be stronger, so phoned my gp surgery and spoke to the nurse who told me not to worry that it is a positive but not to go to the surgery to have it confirmed until the end of the month as the pt they do will not show positive until AT LEAST 6 weeks. It sounds to me like there is a chance for you, so keep your fingers and toes crossed and ill send a truck load of babydust your way. x



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