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Pam - March 30

Hey Guys- I just wanted to let all of you guys that have been so supportive that unfortunaltly as of last Tuesday, I miscarried. I was totally gutted about it. I finally stopped bleeding (thank God for small favors that I didn't need a D&C). I feel so depressed and miserable about the whole thing. Feels like the world is against you. My husband wants to try ASAP, but I know I should probably wait until my next period. My HCG levels where so low. I knew something was wrong mainly from reading the information on this site. After 3 blood tests with 3 low numbers, the doctor had the nerve to ask me if anyone spoke to me about my low levels (this was on Wednesday when I went in on an emergency). Did anyone talk to me about my HCG levels- If I was in a different state of mind, I would of looked at her in the face and said- IS'T THAT YOUR JOB! Unfortuntaly I was in so much pain both physically, emtionally and mentally that I didn't want to deal with her. I just want to thank everyone out there for everything and I wish you all baby dust.


kw - March 30

I'm so so sorry to hear that Pam, my heart goes out to you!


Jena - March 30

Pam, I'm so sorry - I may be in your boat in a little bit- I too have low levels. Yes, that is her job to talk to you about it!! So that you don't get your hopes up! As for your husband, make sure you start trying when YOU are ready... hopefully he is supportive and maybe thinks that a good way to help you heal is to get you preggo again, but if you just explain to him how hard it is on you emotionally (him too, but you more), he'll understand you want to wait a bit. I think it's smart that you want to wait till your next period to kind of get things a little more normal before ttc again. Good luck, Pam - we're thinking of you! :)


Jules - March 30

Pam, I am so sorry to hear that. You must be truly devastated. Please know that we're still here for you and wish you all the love, strength and comfort in the world to help get you and Dh thru this. Just remember too, that this is not your fault. It is nothing that you have done wrong. And you WILL be blessed with a beautiful healthy bubba soon. Many many blessings to you. With love, Jules xxxxx


Pam - March 30

Thanks for your kind words everyone. Jena- Don't give up hope. Just monitor your numbers (don't make yourself crazy over it though, because you don't need the stress at this time in your life). Hopefully we'll all be blessed soon.


amy w - March 31

pam- i cant express to you how sorry i am to hear of your loss...going through 2 myself, i know exactly how you feel. i agree with jena about letting your body get back into good health, that is what i did, mainly because my doctor told me too as well, but i also felt it was in my best interest. oh pam i truley wish you all the best, and competely sympathize with you.


Liz - April 1

Oh Pam, I am sooo sorry. I was out of state for Easter break and just got back. Take care of yourself and know that I am thinking of you!


Pam - April 1

Thanks Liz- I will keep you all posted. The doctor says I have to wait 2 months before starting again. I pa__sed it naturally and it was about 5 weeks into it. My sister is a doctor and she thinks that one cycle should be fine. I am also in the market for a new OBGYN. Yesterday I was trying to explain to her where my pain was and she looking at my file instead of looking at me pointing to the pain. I was also fustrated with her when on how the whole thing was handled. She asked me at one point if we heard a heart beat---I was like no, I had the sono to see that my tubes where clear. She like thats right. I said at 5 weeks there isn't much to see, much less hear a heartbeat. Maybe we're over educated from the internet and this board, but hell- she was just p__sing me off.


Liz - April 1

Sounds like you definately need to investigate a new Doc.-what an insensitive b___b!!! I would trust your sis, wait the month and go for it. I know of 2 people that miscarried and got preg. within 2 months afterward. BEST of luck!!!


Trixie - April 2

so Sorry abt ur loss Pam.. please take care of urself n keep up the faith



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