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Jena - April 12

Hey! I have been on here a bit and I had been worried about low hCG levels and hoping that I had conceived late. Well, I found out today that I am 6 weeks, 1 day along with TWINS!!! I'm married and 23!! I never thougth this would happen! DH and I are thrilled, but in shock... two car seats, two high chairs, two dressers, double stroller..... ahhhh! Now I'm going to know all about hCG levels AND twins! :) BABY dust in dump trucks to you all! :)


Liz - April 12

Congrats X 2!!! Thanks for the dust. :)


erica - April 12

Congrats. How long were you ttc. And did you take anything. Did you have any syptoms?


C - April 12



Alexis - April 12

OMG Jena Congratulations!! How exciting do you want one of each to be through with or do you want two boys or two girls? Either way take very good care of yourself now you're eating for three. How neat!! Best of luck to you.


Becky - April 12

Congrats!!!! I've had twins in my family and a little part of me has always wanted them...


mulgajill - April 12

That is fantastic... so much for the low hcg levels at the start... catching up now i bet!!! Congratulations!!!


Melissa - April 12

Jena-did you ever take a hpt? If so, when did it show +? Just woundering because I have not had my a/f in two weeks and wounder if maybe I had low hgc levels. You know what is weird is with my last preg, I was pregant with twins and my hgc was low at first. Congrads and Hope everything works out!


Kerry - April 13

Hi Jena CONGRATS, That is brilliant news!!


Grace - April 13

Congratulation Jena. Great news. Am so happy for u. Take good care of yourself... wow. twins... really envy u..thanks for the baby dust.


lindsey - April 13

Jena, Double Congratulations! Wishing you the very best!!!!! Thanks for the baby dust!


Jena - April 13

Thank you SO much everyone for the sweet wishes!! You are so nice! No, I wasn't on anything at all - we have been TTC since September, but for one month we didn't since I had a yeast infection (yes, for a month!). So we conceived in about 4-5 months... I conceived in the beginning of March, but my LMP was Feb. 16th. So my dates are off but who cares! DH and I would like one of each but I think that is SO rare. So, he wants boys and I want girls :). But obviously healthy babies are all we want. I am still in shock. TWINS?!?! Erica - no, I really only had the symptom of missing my period... and headaches. But now I'm 6w2d and am feeling a little sick. That's it though! Oh, sore b___bs but not until like, a week ago! Melissa - I took many hpts and got negatives until I was over 3 weeks late. My hCG levels were low - as in, a 2 and then a 12! I thought there was NO WAY to have twins with low hCG so it didn't even cross my mind. Good luck ladies!! It too will happen for you, I know it! Baby dust and glue!!!


Melony - April 13

I am so excitted for you!!!! Congrats X 2!!!! Thank you for your advice in the past. GOOD LUCK :)



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