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PreciousBaby19 - November 20

So a lil update on me...Hubby and I are now back to ttc after the Okay from the doctor yesterday. =) yay. I have been put on Levothyroxin i have to take every morning. She said that this should dramaticly effect me and i should notice this difference in the first two weeks of being on this pill. This pill is for an underactive thyroid and should help me conceive quickly and safely. the baby should be fine and i can carry the child to full term. I also will be concidered a high risk pregnancy and my dosage will have to be changed through out each pregnancy depending on the baby and whether or not baby is getting enough from me. I should start to lose weight which i have gained a bit and it was harder to lose because of the side effects for an underactive thyroid. My periods should return to normal as they were before. i should be able to have a normalllll sleeping pattern for once and i wont be sooo tired. Not only this...but guess what!!! I've found out I'm not a diabetic!!! i was diagnosed when i was 10 but I dont have it!!!! they overlooked my thyroid since they cause some of the same symptoms. Funny huh...hahaha. Yay. I never needed inciline shots or anything..i just had to have sugar because i was so damn tired sometimes and i though i just had low blood sugar...lol but it wasn't.. Hahaha. Damn doctors sometimes huh. Lol . I'm soo glad i got checked out. I've had two miscarriage and when i went in the doctor was alll over me. Lol tests tests tests....lol and she thinks shes found the issue. A normal thyroid level is suppossed to be 4.....my leve is 6.8 and its higher because its not working hard enough and my brain is making it pick up the slack so now its just getting worse. Slower ..i still dont have some sort of presence of anti bodies that means its really bad...so thats good..shes trying to fix it before it goes downhill all the way. So..yay..my period is almost over and I shuold be peachy from now on. I have to get my levels checked again in 8 weeks when i'm done with my first 2 packs of levothyroxin. So...yay. Everything should be peachy from now on. I hope i get preg this cycle!!



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