Update On Pregnancy

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austynsmommy - August 17

I just wanted to update some of the people that I used to talk to on here that I am 20 weeks pregnant today. I had horrible morning sickness until week 16. It feels so good to eat again. I have lost a lot of weight from morning sickness but it is worth it. I go for my ultrasound tomarrow to find out what we are having. If it is a girl her name will be Ava Grace and if it is a boy we will name him Andrew James. I hope everyone is doing good and I miss talking to everyone. It was such a great support to have people to talk to through the tww. I will let you know how the ultrasound goes tomarrow.


austynsmommy - August 18

I'm having a boy


intuition11 - August 18

Congrats! Hope your remaining months go well!


Naomi98 - August 18

Hey hun, congratulations, you're having a BOY!! So glad it's going well and the morning sickness has let up. I love the names you've chosen by the way! I can't believe it's been 20 weeks since we were hanging out together here...wow, where has that time gone? I'm in the 2ww after my second IUI. I only produced one follicle so my chances are pretty low. If this one doesn't work, I'll move on to a combination of Clomid + injectables to see if that can't convince my ovaries to get busier! Anyways, keep us posted on how you're doing. When are you due?


austynsmommy - August 19

Thanks guys. I know. I miss hanging out with you all. I didn't think my morning sickness would ever go away. Then I had spotting at 14 week. That was scary. I am due january 5th. They are talking about inducing me because I have really fast labors. My first was 5 hours and my second was 2 hours. Plus I want my family to be their for the birth and they live a long ways away. I really hope this works out for you naomi. You deserve it. Keep me posted on how your doing. I check this site alot. Good luck.


sbea - August 19

That is great!! I wasn't pregs after all...just a serious bladder infection. Sucky!! But I am getting the symptoms again so I am going to the doc a whole lot sooner to avoid that amount of discomfort and worry!! Have a great Pregnancy!!!


Krissy68 - August 22

austynsmommy - I am so happy for you. Please keep us updated. Naomi98 - When are you testing keeping my fingers cross for you. Explain the IUI process to me if you don't mind. sbea - When is AF due? When are you testing? What cd are you on? Krissy68


sbea - August 25

I am due for AF on the 28th. I haven't gone to the doc like planned. I started to feel better. But now for the last two days the symptoms are back. I think I am just getting a bad af this month. If I am a week late I will test.


lillybug - August 25

SBEA~~~ I'm expecting AF on thursday too! If we get AF we could be cycle buddies. how long are your cycles


Krissy68 - August 25

sbea & lillybug - I'm keeping my fingers cross that she don't show up. How are both of you doing. As for me I am on cd 22 8dpo and the earliest I can test is Sat/Sun which is cd 27 & 28 but AF is due for me on Sep 3. Krissy68



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